More Updates

More Updates

Greetings everyone,

It’s me, Ginger. Yes, I know, it’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? Olivia has been quite fraught with a good deal of work, and since Eikon has been left– temporarily– at home, it was up to me to take charge of Olivia’s blog.

Olivia is finally reading some adequate literature, though I am not sure what to make of some of the fiction that she has to read for one of her classes. I never knew how brutal some of the older time period writers could be! Well, I suppose there are some of “those” people in each era, although I myself am more inclined to authors like Ms. Austen or Ms. Bronte.

Speaking of literature, Olivia has been officially elected to read some of her pieces for her college’s “Reading Series,” or “Geneva Reading Series” (also known as the “GRS”) a once a semester program which focuses on embracing culture, literature, and even music. She wanted to keep it a secret from people, to help build suspense and hype, but since her professor, the very unorthodox Dr. Williams, decided to let the cat out of the bag a tad early, she told me to go ahead and talk about it. I kept “nagging” her to take me, but alas, we have only gone once. I supposed it is ironically befitting that she read for them now; she has informed me to tell you that she will likely be selecting a poem or two from here, on her own blog, as well as a section of a story she is writing. I couldn’t be prouder. She will be reading on October 25th; they will record it so that you may watch on some video-posting site that Olivia says is called, “YouTube”.

As for her one blogging story, she says she promises to continue it when time permits her, and I know she longs to do so, but barely has time for herself anymore, so it will likely not be until later this year– at the earliest, perhaps next weekend. At latest, her Fall “Break”.

Some nights are better than others around campus, though, I must confess, Olivia for the most part has the loveliest friends that help making staying here worthwhile. Her one roommate has the most scent-sational essential oils, and her other friend is an excellent back rubber/tummy scratcher, and even does Olivia’s hair properly. I typically stay in the room and doze whilst she is at class, though, so I rarely get out unless I feel the need to stretch my lovely legs.

Olivia has gained much experience over the summer, making new friends, and even befriending an actual published author, from a real publishing company. She and said author have become good friends, I think, as when they are “messaging,” as Olivia calls it, she is often grinning, giggling, and even laughing outright to herself when reading her friend’s messages. I think that looks a bit odd; whatever could they be discussing? I am curious, but not inclined to pry, as that might be considered rude by any standards.


Until next time, farewell,

❤ Ginger ❤

P.S., The one evening, she has, of late, burst out into sudden squeals. I have no idea why, only that they had to do with this picture… Might you be able to decipher why?



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Correspondence from… Ginger

Correspondence from… Ginger

Greetings all,

I am Ginger, Olivia’s lovely Vulpix friend. As my good acquaintance whom I sometimes very much regard as a sister, Eikon, has previously stated, I will occasionally be filling in every once and a while on here, when necessary. And it would seem that my input is desperately needed.

Since Eikon has given a previous introduction about herself, and presumably told you a bit about me, I will spare most details, save for that I do not like getting wet– particularly in a body of water, or in the rain– and I utterly loathe getting dirty. I always make it a policy to clean myself, or to get Olivia to clean me, directly before and after every battle I partake in. Some may call it a weakness of mine; let them laugh. There was worse weaknesses and fears in the world; for instance, Olivia fears tornadoes and other comparably large natural disasters (tidal waves, etc), in addition to hypnosis and dating. I cannot say with full confidence that I fault her for any of these things; it’s her more minor fear of trying new foods that I find a little ludicrous. Certainly, I am picky about some foods and how they are prepared, but really? She is the pickiest human, when it comes to food, that I have ever met. But I’m not here to just discuss her, oh no.

In addition to being clean, there are actually quite a few things I am rather fond of, that I seriously doubt Eikon revealed to you. I love being brushed; the gentle strokes of the soft bristles themselves are like being caressed; I know Olivia feels the same way when someone she trusts washes, strokes, brushes, or does her hair. My favorite food is cream, melted ice cream is also lovely, although I have a fondness for some spicy foods and good country fried steak if I can get it. I refuse to eat beans, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, or carrots. I am not a rabbit, and am not an Eevee, like dear Evelette. I am not opposed to wearing ribbons around my neck, particularly if they are a pale gold, emerald green, sapphire blue, or turquoise.

While Eikon may tell you a lot of things, she certainly does not cover everything that has been happening in our lives lately– although, with some, I rather say I cannot blame her, as rough, boyish and uncivilized as she is. For instance, she neglected to mention that, shortly after our arrival home, Olivia, wonderful girl she is, set about preparing an “End of the School Year Mary Kay Spa Party” for her closest friends, and even her sweet cousin was invited. We had such a lovely time; the sugar scrubs and paw rubs in the nice, warm bath (and I normally do not like water) were quite comfortably relaxing. If I had been a human, I think I too should have been very thrilled to have tried some more cosmetics, but as a Vulpix, I do not think they would have gone very well with my rich, gingery fur. I think Olivia was initially worried about her cousin mingling with the rest, since she did not know them particularly well, but she blended in quite fabulously. Even I could have told her she had naught to worry about.

Another thing Eikon conveniently forgot to mention was that Olivia’s youngest brother is graduating from homeschool high school quite soon– he would have graduated much sooner, since he had accumulated so many credits already, but her parents held him back– and so he was forced to talk college credits from a local community college, similar to what Olivia did her first year, only he had more of a head start. Perhaps it was good that they did so; he has much yet to learn, and is really quite the arrogant one. One the other side, if he enters college officially with that much prior knowledge and skill, he will have the skills to perhaps back a few of his boasts. But, only time will tell what will occur…

Well, I must be off for now… Farewell!




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Letters From Eikon: The Catch-Up

“Hey y’all,

Boy, was I in hot water. Livva just about hit the roof when she found out I hadn’t been written a letter for like three weeks. I made the point of pointing out that SHE kept procrastinating on posting too, but that only got me into bigger trouble. So, here I am. Unwilling, but chicken-pecking futilely at the keyboard with my paws.

When I started to whine to Livva that it had been a while, and I had no idea what to write about, she suggested I tell a bit more about myself, in addition to stuff that’s been going on in our lives since I last wrote. Well, I’m not a Miss Prissy like Ginger, but I’m not brainy like Livva, either (I don’t know how she does all that crazy school stuff, honestly). I’m not a dancer like Evelette, but I do love Lecrae, Skillet, Tedashii and sometimes Group 1 Crew. A. Lot. In fact, while I don’t normally dance, the other weekend I was blaring Lecrae while jumping up and down on Livva’s bunk screaming from one of Lecrae’s songs, “I’M A SAINT! I’M A SAINT! I’M A SAINT!” Livva’s warned me her roomies may not like that, but they can stuff it– I like having a great time, and they’re not about to put a damper on my mood when it’s a good one.

Speaking of her roomies, most of them are pretty chill. I love Tabitha’s and Molly’s sense of humor, and if I could use my Illusion to be human and chime in, I would (especially when they’re picking on the other roomie, Lyddie.). Their sass level is on POINT. I don’t really care for Lyddie. Livva says she’s nice enough, but she’s just kinda, errrr…. in conflict with my personality, as Livva often says. I actually don’t like that she’s all perky and kinda girly and stuff, and that she’s super, super messy. Don’t get me wrong; I myself like making messes, and I don’t mind Livva’s messes, but Lyddie’s messes are kinda EVERYWHERE. I mean, not limited to her areas, like a TORNADO. You just can’t escape it. I’ve considered hiding in a pile of her just sitting there laundry, using my Illusion to turn into something really terrifying, and popping out at her, screaming, “BOO!” just to scare the freaking daylights out of her and see her shocked expression. Like a deranged jack-in-the-box. (Hehehe…) But Livva stops me when she says I get that “look in my eyes, like I’m scheming something fierce.” Says it’s not nice of me, Lyddie has enough trouble and health issues going on, though I don’t think in all reality Livva would really object. But anyways.

A couple weeks ago, we went on a Mystery Bus Trip, Livva and Ginger and Evelette and me. Since we had no idea what to expect, I was practically itching with eager expectation the whole time. Unlike Livva, I love surprises. Ok, I take that back: Livva SOMETIMES likes surprises, but not as much as me. Maybe that’s because we Zorua love surprising, shocking, and taunting people. But I almost didn’t go, since the trip’s theme was apparently “elegance.” Yeeeeeeeccchhhh. That’s Ginger and Evelette, not me. Although in the end, I decided to come, mainly because I didn’t wanna be bored out of my gourd the whole stupid weekend long (plus, got to stay up waaaayyyyy past my bedtime!! 🙂 ).

That trip was AWESOME, except for the boring, dumb art museum that only Ginger and Evelette liked (though they, along with Livva, did not like one quilt in particular, and thought it should be burned. I offered to find a lighter, but Livva gave me “The Look” again, and reminded me of my promise to behave, if I was to tag along. 😦 ). Ginger felt that looking at art made her a “Pokemon of culture,” but I told her it just made her boring. She got pretty annoyed at me after that, but we made up after I snuck her some extra, spicy chocolate. We all love chocolate, but Ginger really loves her spicy foods (I think it’s because she’s a hot-blooded Fire-Type. Hehehe.). The dinner at the fancy restaurant was OK, would’ve been better if they’d had live entertainment, like skilled acrobats going from the balconies, or sword-swallowers, or fire jugglers! I suggested this to Livva, and she said she would think about talking to Randon, the guy who plans the trips, about it. Which in Livva-speak, means roughly, “There’s a very slim chance of me doing that.” Crap. The rest of the night was pretty fun; we watched people race in a derby with ridiculous masks on (I wanted Livva to, but she kept saying, “Not on your life!” Party pooper. ), and much later, after the boring art museum, we went to a WATER PARK!!! So much fun; I’ve never been to a water park before. Livva said that she’d never this particular water park since she was very, very little, so it was a treat for her, too. I think the only one not really pleased was Ginger even though she hung out around the hot tub area (didn’t get in, though. Big, prissy chicken. Was probably there just for the dumb heat.). Evelette loved the lazy river, wave pool, and the kiddie slides. Me, I loved almost everything. The lazy river was fun because I could pretend I was Jaws, and sneak up on people being lazy to nip at their ankles. The climbing was great, and they had all sorts of little water guns to spray other climbers with, once you reached the top (I had a field day with that). There were alllll kinds of slides, but of course I HAD to go on giant funnel ones like, “The Big Kahuna”. Soooo much fun! Ohhhhhhh, and THEY HAD A GIANT BUCKET THAT TOTALLY DOUSED YOU WHEN YOU STOOD UNDER IT!!! I kept looking to see if another Zorua was operating it, but Livva said it was mechanics. Ah, well. The only real disappointment was the wave pool; I was expecting these HUGE tidal waves, but Livva said that if they did that the park would be totally swamped, people would probably drown, and the owner would probably get sued or something. *Sigh* I guess she’s right, but STILL….

Lately, Livva’s been fretting a lot about her dumb classes for when she goes back to Geneva in the fall. I looked at her schedule; it was as dull as dull could be (except for her Dr. Williams class. Any class with Dr. Williams in it is pure golden. That man could make driftwood seem fascinating.); I was shocked when she told me she was thinking of replacing one of her somewhat interesting classes with a class about some boring Russian guy whose name I can’t even pronounce… When I asked her why would she even think of taking a dumb class like that, she said she may not even have a choice in the matter. If I was less selfish, I think I would tell her to take all the classes she needed/wanted, and I could use my Illusion to go as her on the other days, for other classes, so I wouldn’t be cooped up and bored all day long. Buuuuutttt, the idea of being cooped up with some professor yapping about some random Russian dude whose name I can’t pronounce doesn’t appeal to me, either, so think I’m going to have to pass on that…




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Houses Meet Kanto Dex Holders!

Hi, everyone!!

So, it’s been a while– and I mean QUITE a while– since I’ve actually done a fun, non-sermony, non-book or non-story related post. A day or two ago, a fun blogging topic encroached on my mind’s atmosphere, so I figured, why the heck not? (Besides, need to unwind before mid-terms anyways, so it’s a win-win for everyone. 🙂 )

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Sorting in Harry Potter’s wonderful wizarding world, and how we as human beings like to order/categorize things. Houses in HP. Factions in Divergent. Districts in The Hunger Games. Then I made another connection. A direct correlation, actually (for my unusual brain, anyhow.).

The colors and personality attributes of each Hogwarts House correlates almost perfectly with four of the main protagonists, from the Kanto region, in my beloved Pokemon Adventures manga. I am not kidding you; it is craziness. Aside from the characters having the same names as colors, they also share the persona quirks, as well. You probably do, too, in fact. Here, I’ll show you:

  1. Gryffindor–Red.


If you are a Gryffindor, chances are likely you’re like Red. Red is noted by his Trainer title, “The Battler,” and is well renowned throughout the entire Pokemon world for not only being the Kanto Champ, but for mostly single-handedly taking down the boss of Team Rocket, Giovanni (aka the Mafia of the Pokemon world). That takes serious guts and strength, and if Red’s not the type of person to display that kind of courage, I don’t know who is. He often thinks quick on his feet, and is highly curious. However, he is a very loyal friend and will ferociously defend his close friends, allies and innocents from incoming threats, as seen his defending Green when she was attacked, and her parents, kidnapped. However, like Harry the Gryffindor was also prone to the”dark side” and had a fear of being sorted into Slytherin, Red also had a brush or two with the “dark side” of the Pokemon world– namely, Giovanni. Red has a stubborn, reckless, impulsive and very determined streak that happened to impress the crime boss on several levels. Giovanni actually made a bet with him, stating that based on the outcome of their battle (in the first arc), Giovanni would either leave Virdian and the rest of Kanto alone (if Red won), or Red would join Team Rocket… as his lieutenant (if Giovanni won). Red bravely took him head on, and the result was that Team Rocket was temporarily disbanded (before moving onto the Johto arc, GSC).


2. Ravenclaw– Blue.


If you are a Ravenclaw, chances are you have a thing or two in common with Blue, aka “The Trainer”. Typically calm, cool, and collected, this young man has known Red since the beginning of their Pokemon journey together, and has taught him much, while being taught plenty in return. His nature and maturity he most likely inherited from his grandfather, the famous Pokemon researcher, Professor Oak. His intellect, resourcefulness, and strategic manner make him an incredibly formidable opponent. He has managed to out-think foes on more than one occasion; however, his intelligence and experience can cause him to become haughty every now and then. Despite this, thanks to Red and other characters, he has moments of humility where he realizes and acknowledges that there is still much to be learned. The Leader of the Virdian Gym, he has a fairly well-rounded team, and usually has the best-trained Pokemon battle for him in his stead, while he is normally away– this being an abnormality, since battles usually require both battling Trainers to be present in order to command their Pokemon. (Yes, he’s THAT good!) He only took the position when Red turned it down, however.


3. Slytherin– Green.


Don’t let that pretty face fool you– Green’s more cunning than she may initially let on. Ms. Green here actually made her debut chapter in– get this– scamming Red of his money, using her charms, cunning, and natural beauty. Talk about a Slytherin. This isn’t all her fault, however, as we learn that, like Slytherins being closely associated with You-Know-Who, Green was actually kidnapped at age five (by a legendary Pokemon, no less) and was raised to be one of the most powerful members of the Neo-Team Rocket, by dual agent NTR Leader/Gym Leader (Pokemon in general has a penchant for Machiavellian villains, on occasion.), Pryce, before choosing to escape with fellow Dex Holder Silver (who is one of the Johto Dex Holders and is also a Slytherin.). However, despite her slyness, she, like Red, is fiercely loyal to her loved ones, and will go to great lengths to protect them, such as Silver or her parents. She is even mature to the degree that she had to learn how to live on her own and make her own living by age eight, shortly after the Great Escape. However, she is not beyond using tricks or lies to scam people or get her way; she has used her Ditto to disguise herself as someone else on numerous occasions, her Jigglypuff for quick aerial transport (rather than use a regular Flying-Type Pokemon) and in the first arc, tried to sell fake functional Pokemon items to many people, Red included. Even when she gradually matures in later arcs, and the Masked Man’s (Pryce’s NTR Leader undercover name) influence over her has nearly entirely waned, she still showed cunning in a stealthy slight-of-hand, swiping one of Ultimate Move Teacher Ultima’s Move Rings, without her ever being aware of it until much later. She tends to keep more private things to herself, such as her background, fear of birds, and personal motives/quests, unless she deeply trusts such person.


4. Hufflepuff–Yellow.


Now, Yellow and Hufflepuff are NOT last because they are the “least important”. Quite the contrary, actually– Yellow actually gets an ENTIRE arc to herself, and becomes a pivotal character in the GSC chapter. If you’re in Hufflepuff, you are liable to get on well with Yellow. Sweet, diplomatic, hardworking, naive, trusting yet trustworthy, and very loyal Yellow. She deeply admires Red, ever since he saved her from a rampaging Dratini in the Viridian Forest, and has the special “gift” of healing Pokemon simply by touching them, hence known as “the Healer.” She hates fighting in general, and prefers to pick her battles carefully. However, if need be, if she is angry or in distress, the Pokemon around her will sense it and instantly grow much more powerful, rushing to her aid in some situations. Initially, Green told her to hide her identity as a girl while looking for information on the initially missing Red (a well-assumed fan theory that ships Green and Red states that Green told Yellow such because she didn’t want competition, and Yellow has a bit of a crush on him…Red, being unaware of this at the end of the Yellow arc, jokes at one point that they should all just “live together,” causing Yellow to blush furiously.), while giving her special feathers (the Silver Feather and the Rainbow Feather, respectively) that are key to summoning the legendary bird Pokemon, Lugia and Ho-oh, for safekeeping.


So there you have it, folks! Now the only questions that remain are…

Which house are you in? Which Kanto Dex Holder are YOU most like?



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Sun & Moon: The Anticipation Builds

Sun & Moon: The Anticipation Builds

So we’re officially less than a week away from the Pokemon Company’s 20th Anniversary game release: “Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.” This post is gonna be mostly speculation, fangirling, and reviewing the game in what we’ve seen so far. If you disagree with any of my points at any time, or think something else, that’s fine; comment and we can chat. I love discussing these things with fellow fans (when I really should be cracking on homework. LOL).

That being said, many of the trailers look awesome, although I’m not quite understanding the marketing concept/appeal concept behind things like Z-Moves. Mega Evolution (yes, I am a young Earth Creationist still; I always bear in mind that Pokemon is FICTION, as is macroevolution.) had at least a purpose, a point. Are Z-Moves like Signature Moves, that only certain Pokes can use? Or something completely different? Are we ever going to see the return of the Megas, or any new Megas? Overall, Z-Moves haven’t got me completely sold out; it seems like they’re just scrambling to try to connect something in the game to Zygarde, since they failed to release a “Pokemon Z” (the reason a “Pokemon Z” was in high anticipation, BTW, is that Pokemon X and Y were the first main series games to come out for 3DS. And if you know anything about 3-D, you’ll know there are 3 rays: X, Y and Z. Go figure they’d use it as a theme.). They need a hefty explanation to pair with these moves if they wanna impress me, is all I’m saying.

Now, onto the Trials. I’m not quite sure how they’re run, or what you get for completing them; all that I’m aware of is that they’re the replacement for Pokemon Gyms, which, to a staunch traditionalist like me, is basically the Pokemon equivalent of BLASPHEMY. (Not kidding here.) Gyms have literally been around since before I was even BORN, when Red and Blue first hit the Gameboys. How do you collect badges to ensure that your Pokemon will obey you up to a certain stage, or are they watering it down for newbie kid gamers? Do they really think that running around collecting items instead of battling will make your pokes stronger? Are the Kahunas supposedly the “Leaders” or are the “Totem Pokemon”? Can you catch a “Totem Pokemon”? It’s all rather confusing and I’d really love clarification.

Speaking of clarification and longing for something, Imma start switching back and forth between the good and the bad a bit. One big thing that’s slightly confusing but is something I’m very much looking forward to interpreting is the story line, particularly the story behind Team Skull, the Ether Foundation (who CLAIMS to protect and provide shelter from Pokemon who’ve had it rough from T.S.), and Lillie. Here’s the BIGGEST theory I’ve wrestled with: I think Ether’s in cahoots with Skull, for several reasons: Skull appears to have no real motives (other than being dangerous, trouble-making hooligans); most companies in the Pokemon World (i.e., the media of X and Y, the Devon Corp. in RSE ORAS, and the infamous Silph Co. in RBYFRLG) are all either endangered by a villainous team, or are somehow associated with them (in Silph’s case it was both– several Silph workers converted to Team Rocket and betrayed their coworkers.); Lillie wears pure white, as do all Ether employees, and is shown in a trailer next to a Cosmog (known pre-evo of legendary Lunala) and the player; Lillie’s hair and eyes, however, are strikingly similar to those of a particular Team Skull member: Gladion (which makes me think he’s either her brother or cousin. Pokemon peeps do that allll the time; if someone looks vaguely like another, they are typically related.). Which makes me all the more suspicious.

So here’s what I think about Ether, Lillie and Skull: I don’t know their motives or goals as of yet, but since Ether is personally investigating Cosmog/Solgaleo’s pre-evo, I’d stake my life on the fact that THAT’S the Poke Lillie is desperately trying to conceal in her bag, and that they’re after the legendary Pokemon (most likely for classic “world domination” reasons, but you can’t rule out blowing up the world, expanding sea/land, brainwashing everyone into releasing their Pokes, etc. You never know…). But why? Is she a Skull defector? Ether defector? Is she working undercover for Ether under hot Prof. Kuikui’s tutelage because she wants to learn more about the legendaries for them? (The site itself said she was working for him due to “personal reasons,” as well as stating she would have a key role in the story.) I didn’t watch any YouTube spoilers, thankfully, but I did see a pic of Ether’s President, Lusamine, surrounded by a jellyfish-like Legendary in a dramatic pose, mostly likely pulling a “Zinnia” or an “N”, depending on the situation– but probably calling on it to aid her, which could go either direction (good or bad side.). I don’t know about you guys, but to me, I’m getting quite the “Zinnia” or “N” vibe here, from Lillie, as well… I feel like she’ll either appeal directly to the legendary on the side of the player to fix a prob, like Zinnia, or be naive and misguided by Skull/Ether, manipulated into doing something with the legendary for them, like N with T.P.

All in all, I really, really am praying that this is all a good sign from heaven that we will finally get ourselves a decent story since Black and White. (Although, I’ve been wrong about Colress from B2W2; I recall thinking he was gonna take Juniper’s place in handing out starters, then do this huge reveal about his being a part of TP. Nope, just got right to this latter.)

Next, the Alolan forms. Basically, long story short, Kanto Pokes came to Alola, and adapted to their new environment, thus changing their appearances dramatically. (What I DON’T see, interestingly, is them changing Raichu’s form but NOT Pikachu’s… go figure. 😛 ) Some of them are OK (Exeggutor), some are awesome (Ninetails, Marowak), some I just wish they’d left the heck ALONE (Raichu, Persian and Sandshrew. It’s called SANDshrew for a REASON, people!!!). Here’s the problem with suddenly altering all the classics: this babies have literally been around for decades. Literally. Two. Freaking. Decades. These are the classics that have first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue, that started this whole snowball rolling. If you dramatically alter Pokes that people have grown up with and known since kindergarten or even earlier, guess what? Abnormally bad reactions, that’s what! That’s like telling Lecrae the awesome Christian black rapper to suddenly make the switch to classical music only; it’s too unreal and too unbelievable. These Pokes have their set types, let them BE. (Regardless of what I think of the now-more-gorgeous Ninetails, you CANNOT make my Vulpix into a Shirley Temple model. I love Vulpix, and I love Temple, but when you combine the two and slap on an Ice-Fairy typing, it is pure HERESY.)

The Return of Pokemon Amie. OK, I’ll admit. I’ve long been a sucker for the idea of “Pokemon meets Nintendogs”. So when X and Y came out, I naturally HAD to be able to pet and feed my Pokes. ❤ This is taking it a step even further, only they call it, “Pokemon Refresh” now: You can not only pet, play with, and feed your Pokes, you can brush them, groom them, wash them, heal them up close. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I just cross my fingers that they will NOT take “Cosplay Pikachu” any further, though….

The new Pokes. They honestly probably could’ve done better in this department; this is one of the rare instances that Imma say I really, really wish that GameFreak took the designs for new Pokes that fans often send them more seriously (yes, it’s that bad in some ways.). I’m already seeing a Burmy/Shellos thing going on with Oriocorio and all its different forms, as well as Minior. Tsareena and Crabrawler are both clearly spin-offs of Lilligant and Corphish, respectively. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few I’m excited to have on-team: Mid-Day Lycanroc (FINALLY, a REAL wolfish Poke!!!), Komala, Drampa, Stufful, maybe Mudsdale, Morelull (hate its evo though), Passimian, and perhaps Lunala (because it reminds me of the Darkling, but that’s another story.), but other than that, I’m #TeamRowlet, and that’s basically it. (Can you tell I’m a sucker for cute Pokes?) So far, this Gen isn’t doing too much for me, Poke-wise, although I’ve noticed that there’s been an increase in Fairy-types (yay!), but also a few creepy Pokes added (Salandit, Mimikyu, Sandygast, Palossand…. Boooooo…. literally….)… Also, is it just me, or are there more legendaries this Gen?

THE RETURN OF TRAINER CUSTOMIZATION!!! Words cannot simply describe my excitement, although I cannot name my character after me (since there will be an important NPC with my name, I will be naming her the female name of what my twin would’ve been called, if they’d been born a she.), I can still tailor her appearance to my whim. I can’t wait; it looks promising. Hopefully they’ll have even more ops than X and Y.

Unfortunately, there is no Pokemon League. Say WHAT?? Well, yeah, what’d you expect from a few lil islands that obsess over dumb Trials instead Gyms (Leagues require Gym badges to partake. Standard rule, you need all eight.)? Granted, you are still able to witness, I’m told, the START of a new League (great– we have to wait another year), but in the meantime they have something called the Battle Tree (which, I’m assuming, is a poor consolation for there being no League.). The very title takes me back to White 2, where they have the White Treehollow, a battle arena that takes you deeper and deeper into the arena until you finish battling everyone (same with Black Tower in Black 2, only it’s the highest point.). I feel like this is a spin-off of that. One major consolation, though, is at the end, you get to battle…. *dramatic drum roll, please….* LEGENDARY TRAINERS BLUE AND RED!!!! AND THEY’RE OLDER!!!!  (Red is no longer his tweenage-self, but his cute, silent but deadly, 20-something self. So mature and handsome and gaaaaahhhhh…. ❤ *fangirls*)

One last thing to note is that, depending on the game you get, as well as obvious version-exclusives (which every main series game has had– I’m getting the ones I want from the other game from my brother, as I’m too poor to afford both games, LOL.) events may turn out differently for you, as well as it being standard time in Sun but 12 hours ahead/behind (nighttime, in short) in Moon, during your daylight hours. Pretty cool, huh? (Naturally, since I’ve never played during the nighttime, and have never really gotten the “female” version games, I’ll be getting Moon, but I do like more version exclusives in Sun…)

I will be getting my copy of Moon ASAP this upcoming Friday, and will be vlogging about my experiences with my good friend (and YouTube book vlogger) Macy (aka, itsabookthing) and possibly with my kid brother. I will be posting this experiences on my Facebook, since I do not have (nor do I really want) a YouTube account. If you are interested in seeing these, mention something in the comments.

Anything you guys noticed/are anticipating with the new games? If so, sound off! 🙂


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The Battles Rage On

The Battles Rage On

(This is in honor of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary. 🙂 )

“Thunder crackles, strikes down from the sky

to attack the opponent, flying up high.

The opponent evades, count’ring with

a Slash of Air, a very near miss.


Next, a bladed leaf

slices through our opponent’s sheath,

leaving them open,

this one’s outcome leaves the foe mopin’.


The third starts within a mire;

my partner recoils, as it is fire.

The opponent shoots a gush of mud,

and my partner lands with a THUD.


Last, a foe of tremendous power

who grows in strength by the hour;

my nerves are slack, my faith is gone,

I do not have the ability to carry on.


But my partners gaze upon me,

wond’rous smiles I see,

then I spy what makes them grin,

the Victory that lies within

the rough, rocky edges of the precipice;

I need to stop so I can just pace

and think about a strategy

but also, what it’s about:


My partners and me.”


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P.A.M.: B2W2 Review, etc.

P.A.M.: B2W2 Review, etc.

First off, let me state that this is the first nearly 100% based Pokemon-filled, kinda fangirly article I’ve done of the season (yaaaaayyy!) on Pokemon Adventures manga, or PAM (this one being on, obviously, the B2W2 Chapter). Before I get into the review I’d like to point out a few things:

Yes, I know Pokemon is very much fictional. As such, I also uphold the absolute truth that since Pokemon is fictional (and macro evolution is also very much fictional), although some situations and characters in that fictional world can certainly be very profound, philosophical, etc., I will not take it all that seriously, aside from typical fangirling and gaming. But I just wanted to let you know, as fangirl I’ve the right to get excited about awesome things in my fandom, but as a Christian I also have a duty to Christ to believe, truly believe, in only things that’re true, pure, and eternal— hence, the balance is set. So with that mindset in place, I will NOW begin the review.

The B2W2 series, as is normal with PAM, is based at least mostly off of the game and, like its game counterpart, picks up from where they left us at the BW chapter. Sadly, Mr. Kusaka, the author, has his hands tied down with writing the B2W2 chapter, ORAS chapter, and the remaining bit of the XY chapter (the latter of which may or may not wrap up soon, depending on whether or not he decides to pull a “GSC chapter” action on us; he may be waiting to see if Nintendo comes out with “Pokemon Z”–which I by this point have no real doubt that they will– before continuing.), and is likely not going to release the next issue of B2W2 until at least the middle of this month, if he even has the time. However, many previews have given us great hope that there will be lots of action, mystery, and even a couple new characters and cameos from old favorites (from BW). So here’s what’s been going on: (MAJOR SPOILER ZONE– IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILED, READ NO FURTHER!!)

Black, the newly crowned Champ of the Pokemon League, has mysteriously vanished (which is technically true, but if you really, really want to know what happened, go to to read and find out details for yourself… because soooooo many juicy things happen in BW!!), a heartbroken White has returned, mostly, to showbiz, and is in charge of PokeStar Studios (honestly, why am I NOT surprised? LOL), and is, I would wager a guess, probably in charge of Join Avenue, too. N has vanished as well, but the B2W2 previews, or rather, one in particular, have given me great hope he will return, just like in the games. (preferably to fight alongside the Unova Dexholders altogether, but hey, one can’t be too picky) Looker, the International Police agent, continues his search and investigation for Team Plasma members and the Seven “Sages” (or Seven Stooges. Whichever term you prefer.), but more on the latters later. Bianca has become Prof. Juniper Jr’s assistant back at the lab, while Cheren, Black’s other buddy, is now the 16-year-old head teacher of the Aspertia City’s Trainer School, and soon-to-be Gym Leader.   Little Leo, a former contestant at the Pokemon League with a Deino (and former battle opponent of Cheren), is now enrolled in Aspertia City’s Trainer School/soon-to-be Aspertia Gym, where he meets a cast of all-new protagonists:

Hugh: Hugh’s story is pretty much the same as it is in the games, thankfully, with the exception being that he too is a Trainer School pupil, and is Leo’s roomie. He is a very hot-headed young man, quick to anger or judge someone even for the littlest things, as demonstrated when he deliberately attacked a group of girls simply because they were talking amongst themselves, after their teacher told them to go home, as the school day was over. He has had a very bad experience with Team Plasma, the chapter’s main antagonists, when a couple of plasmids (what I refer to the T.P. grunts as, instead of “grunts”) kidnapped his little sister’s Purrloin from her, on her birthday, shortly after she received it from him as a gift; Hugh blames himself for not being able to/strong enough to stop them. He has nursed a deep grudge against T.P. ever since then, and vows every day to get stronger so he can defeat every last one of them and get back her Purrloin.

Lack-Two (Japanese: Rakutsu) (yes, I know it’s a weird name): another pupil at the Trainer’s School, this cool cat and friend of Leo’s is actually an undercover International Police agent, on a mission to root out a former female plasmid who has a secret microchip that can counteract one of T.P.’s evil devices that control Pokemon. When on the job, he acts, very annoyingly, like a total womanizer, flirting with all the girls in the class to get close with them and discover if the plasmid is among them. When not on the job (which is basically when he’s around Looker and not around fellow students), he suddenly shifts gears in personality and becomes extremely serious, intelligent and no-nonsense. Despite his young age (12!!), he is of high rank in his department, classified as a “superintendent,” at least a rank above his colleague, Looker.

Whi-Two (Japanese: Faitsu): A transfer student to the Trainer’s School. Not much is known about her or her character initially, which is why Lack-Two seems to make it his priority to “get to know her better,” and help her to “fit in with the rest of the class”. In truth, she IS the former plasmid that they have been looking for (#starwarspuns), along with her mother, although she has no idea she is actually carrying the secret microchip inside a T.P. locket Anthea and Concordia gave to her (which has N’s picture inside… sigh… what I wouldn’t give for a locket like that!). She is what you would call the “original N fangirl,” still holding onto her plasmid uniform, even wearing it privately to reminisce sometimes, talking aloud to herself or in her head as if N could hear her, and non verbally refusing to put her Foongus in a Pokeball; additionally, when she unintentionally wins an unofficial tournament at her new school to decide who’s the strongest in the class, she wins herself a Pokedex alongside Lack-Two, much to her horror and dismay (but Lack-Two coaxes her to take it anyway).

And let’s not forget the new antagonist, Colress, an “mad” scientist who’s the new leader of T.P., whose existence is only known to T.P., Lack-Two, and Looker. (and who reminds me of, in many ways, Jeanine Matthews of Divergent ) Colress’s goal is to, ideally, bring out the proper strength of a Pokemon, and to do so he joined forces with T.P., and continued illegal experimentation on innocent Pokemon to fulfill his goal. Due to his actions, he is labelled “The Dark Scientist,” although Lack-Two himself points out Colress MAY not be evil, but rather deluded, since the title has been gifted only because of this.

Now that we’ve the official cast of main characters downpat, let’s get to the nitty-gritty good and bad stuff of the B2W2 chapter:

Bad Stuff:

Lack-Two’s womanizing habits. I mean, there’s more than one way to skin a raccoon, and there is most likely a more effective way to get poor, poor Whi-Two to open up to him, since she obviously isn’t responding all that well to his masculine charms– Lack-Two himself thinks quietly that she’s pretty guarded, and although he also thinks he will bust down her barrier eventually, regrettably refuses to think of a better, alternative way to get close to her so she’ll open up. Plus, him flirting and going out with girls SOLELY because he’s hunting for a former T.P. plasmid is in itself pretty irksome and even to some degree pathetic.

Hugh’s explosiveness. Yes, I agree that his lack of anger management skills sets the stage perfectly for some good tension, but in all honesty, I think in some areas Kusaka really, REALLY overplays it, to the point where Hugh’s not even really being provoked (like at all) to blow up at someone. This causes some futility in his worked-up rage, although I believe that he used it to emphasize Huge’s grudge against T.P.; I think he could have shown that in a more creative, and less over-exaggerated way. I think that even those with short fuses have to have at least a bit of a limit on that.

Whi-Two’s horoscope-reading hobby. It’s just as disturbing as consulting mediums and psychics. Just stop, please stop, OK, Kusaka? Even if you aren’t going to give God glory (which, since PAM is a secular–non-Christian– manga, is more so understandable), at least don’t disrespect Him. I usually have to skip large chunks of the manga because of crap like that, and it’s both annoying and morally/emotionally depressing. It would be FAR better if you just mentioned it, then then it drop, instead of playing into it; that makes it about as futile as Hugh’s excess anger.

Good stuff:

The tension between Lack-Two and Whi-Two.  This is a time where I heartily congratulate Kusaka for very well-played tension between two characters, despite the hassling of Lack-Two’s frequent, flirtatious habits: Guy meets girl. Guy is undercover cop trying to (constantly) find former bad person to bring still-bad people to justice. Girl is said anonymous former bad person who is trying to keep her ID hush-hush, so as not to draw negative attention to herself. They are joined in the fact that they both attend the same Trainer’s school, and are both now PokeDex Holders, which means they both need to go collect data for the machine (much to poor Whi-Two’s chagrin) and for school. Now THAT’S what you’d call jointed tension! (Although, I’m praying that eventually Lack-two will just drop the act, be himself around her, and the two eventually fall for one another. No stupid horoscopes necessary.)

MORE great tension! At the end of PAM issue 52, we see Hugh, a renowned T.P. hater, accidentally finding Whi-Two’s T.P. locket, and activating the secret chip inside to find out who the owner is, discovers a list of “liberated” Pokemon– his sister’s Purrloin being at the very top. This creates tension because, well, obviously, he realizes this means one of the girls in his class is a T.P. member, and angrily swears to hunt her down. (Dun dun dun duuuuuuuunnn…..) I’m assuming this will play a big role in the soon-hopefully-to-be-released issue 53, and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out (if it comes to conflict, just pray that Lack-Two will intervene for her in time…).

Cameos and reappearances from old characters… especially White, N, and even Drayden. As said before, nothing will get a rabid fan more worked up and foaming at the mouth than cameos of previous, favorite characters. Nothing. When we see White at the end of the PokeStar Studios chapter, we just KNOW that she’s gonna play at least a role in the B2W2 chapter. And if the B2W2 extra previews are any good indication, we’re almost certain to see more of her (and N!!!!) this time around.

Justice being dished out (eventually) onto T.P.’s… and especially Ghetsis’s… stupid….heads… After what happened at the very end of the BW chapter, I personally think ALL of us PAM fans pretty much want Ghetsis to rot, like the scumbag he is. LOL

Questions that need to be solved:

Did Cheren’s mind/memories get wiped by Colress’s Elygem? Cheren, at the end of the BW chapter, went through a DRAMATIC personality change; not only that, but he doesn’t seem to recall much after the incident at Cold Storage in Driftveil, where he met up with T.P.’s Seven Stooge, Zinzolin. My guess is, Elygem was probably hovering nearby, and BAM! caught him off guard, wiped him clean, filled his noggin with T.P. propaganda, and sent him out to do their dirty work against Black. Further proof of this is indicated when Cheren, in visiting PokeStar Studios, converses with Brycen, a former Gym Leader, states that he has no memory whatsoever and can’t recall challenging any gyms, other than Striaton’s. In fact, he can’t recall ANYTHING up past Driftveil, very heavily implying this is exactly what happened. But I guess we won’t get confirmation until Kusaka brings us home the real bacon.

Will Whi-Two be the one to inherit N’s Pokemon– including Zorua and even Gigi?? In the B2W2 games, you actually get to capture N’s Pokemon and battle with them, using a unique feature that unlocks old memories of N’s in BW. While you can get N’s Zorua buddy without this feature, it’s still pretty cool, and I’m betting that Whi-Two, as a former T.P. plasmid, will become the new owner of at least his Zorua buddy and perhaps Gigi as well, since White already owns Amanda as her “starter,” Black has Bo, and Lack-Two has Dewott. However, I also really would like to see her with a Whimsicott, since the poor Pokemon didn’t get much screen time in BW at all (the exception being at the very beginning of the chapter, with it being one of the first released Pokemon thanks to T.P.’s stupid speech about “Pokemon liberation”– what can I say; T.P.’s the Poke-version of both PETA and ALF ).

Where did the Light Stone go? After the BW, it mysteriously vanished with Black, shortly after N and Ghetsis’s separate departures. My guess is, since N took off on Zekrom, Reshiram/the Light Stone’s counterpart, it flew off to find them. This in a way would make sense, since in the game N goes off, comes back to Unova for a while, then leaves again to hunt for the person (who in this case would be Black) who beat him in BW, wanting to thank them for opening his eyes; this makes it highly probable that N has at least an idea of where they can find it… and Black.

Will the characters Lack-Two, Whi-Two, and Hugh EVER move their storyline outside of Aspertia City? Yes, I understand that they are students. Yes, I understand they have obligations of school to go to, classes to attend. But Lack-Two’s primary priority should be his job to help uncover and defeat T.P.; Whi-Two’s should be to stay relatively unnoticed and not to stir up trouble. And Hugh’s, bless his heart, is to get stronger. How can he do that if he doesn’t even challenge gyms, like in the games?! (although, a B2W2 preview pretty much guaranteed we’re gonna see Roxie at some point, so I think it’s safe to say there MIGHT be some hope there.) But seriously, if Kusaka doesn’t get the snowball rolling downhill already, how’re they gonna get to the point where they’re finally ready for the grand finale, the final showdown between all DexHolders and co., and T.P.???

Are both Reshiram AND Black going to be combined with Kyurem??? O.O This almost seems creepily inevitable, given the events at the end of BW…. But oh, the HORROR. THE HORROR.

Not a lot of events have happened so far to confirm any of this, save for the whole, “Black, White and N will be making appearances” thing. Oh, and Genesect and Keldeo, but they haven’t played too much of a huge role (seemingly), though it is subtly hinted at that we could possibly be getting more of Keldeo’s story in this chapter of PAM.


So far, we’ve a pretty even mix of good and bad panning out this chapter, but I can’t wait to see how it all turns out; hopefully, Kusaka won’t keep us waiting TOO much longer…

If you’ve any thoughts, questions, and theories on this, any of this, feel free to leave feedback in the comments section! ^.^