Out of the Dark

Sorry it’s been quiet!

These past few weeks have been a little rough– the Sunday before Memorial Day, I woke to being not only squinty-eyed in the morning light, but with an extreme stabbing-like pain in my then-bloodshot right eye. Though painful, I managed through the day, but when it was equally bad on Memorial Day, we went to a MedExpress, one of the few facilities open. They misdiagnosed it as Pink Eye/eye infection, gave me antibiotic drops, sent me on my merry way. Wait, you may be saying, how’d I know it was a misdiagnosis? Well, while the drops provided some pain relief, they did not solve the actual problem– the healing. I needed to go to a proper eye doctor, who rediagnosed it as something completely different, gave me two different sets of different eye drops, and sent me away with great encouragement, strict instructions on the dosage, and advice not to return to retail work for a while.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m going into all this.

Well, when I was more under the apparent hold of Uviritis (I think that’s how it’s spelled?), I could barely open my eyes indoors, under NATURAL lighting. It was far too painful, and was easier and more comfortable to sit alone in the darkness of my curtained little cave (read: bedroom), albeit, inconvenienced to really do anything fun or productive. But this made me think: That’s like humanity’s spirituality. No really– think about it. We live most our lives in spiritual darkness– comfortable, easy, yet so spiritually blind. But when Someone tries to open our eyes, open those curtains, literally shed light on our situation, oh, how it BURNS and STABS us in the eye(s)! The pain is so great most of us prefer to slink back into our caves, to put up with the darkness for a while longer… or perhaps the rest of our lives.

But some choose to be brave. To brave the light, despite the agony and suffering, and push forth. Over time, their eyesight adjusts and adapts easily to the newer environment, and they realize that not only can they see better to properly enjoy life and be productive, but that the pain has mysteriously vanished.

It took a while, but my eye adapted. It gradually grew more and more used to the light. And yes, it was painful at first. There are many moments it is still quite sensitive. But now I am no longer bumping into things with my eyes shut. The Medicine has healed me.


Now, I see.

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