A Few New Years Ago

A few

New Years ago,

You possess’d

A piece of my heart

Even though


We were far



We met online,  you

Could say I was


I guarded my

Heart, but guess

Every word


Fooled me once,




A few

New Years ago,

You possess’d

A piece of my heart

Even though


We were far



Although you’re

Gone, you

Disapparated from

My life,

Your influence haunts

Me still,

Causing me strife;

I know a man from


Similar to you,

Who’d love to take

Me in his arms,

To call me his “Boo”–

He has a flower between

His fingers already,

But that should not matter,

They’re only going



A few

New Years ago,

You possess’d

A piece of my heart

Even though


We were far



Man alive, I’d assum’d

You were the only


Who was in tune

With me;

But me? I guess

I was only there

To be comforting

You; running

My fingers through

Virtual hair.

I s’ppose I should

Count myself

more than


To have you let

Me be.


A few

New Years ago,

You possess’d

A piece of my heart

Even though


We were far



You painted a handsome,



On sinfulness, shock and

Shameful disgrace;

Your cover

Blown, you then


Fine, I’ll


And would soon rather


My True Someone Special.

You accuse,

His Grace redeems,

You caged me,

He set me free,

You pinned blame on me with

Words as sharp as tacks,

He freed me from shame

With whip lashes

On His back.

It does not matter

What I’ve done.

It only matters

Who I’ve since become.


A few

New Years ago,

You possess’d

A piece of my heart

Even though


We were far


This New Year, I’ve left you since,

I’ve done more than my time,

More than my share

Of penance; 

I’ve hidden my heart, 

Guarded it better,

Saved it for the One

Who freed me from my




Author’s Note: The song, “Last Christmas,” inspired me strongly this season, particularly Britt Nicole’s cover of the song. I’d work and hear it over the loudspeaker again and again, and could relate very strongly to the lyrics. But, not wanting to swipe the song and just give it a few tweaks (copyright and all), decided to do my own lil completely new but still inspired poetry piece based off of what feelings, thoughts, and personal experiences I could relate to from the song. Needlesstosay, mine’s probably the more, “Gospel-oriented,” version, in a way. 😉 


MBTI: The Earth-Shaking ENTJs

MBTI: The Earth-Shaking ENTJs

Hi again, everyone!

So, I KNOW that Steve asked not to DIRECTLY do any fictitious characters with MBTI, but I’m going to be making a SLIGHT exception to this rule: No, I technically won’t be using any as examples in the post, explanation or otherwise; however, there IS a reason I am specifically doing enigmatic ENTJ powerhouses this week. (Rothana Book Blog Tour/ Release, and Casimir just so happens to be an ENTJ. Conveniently. But, that is literally ALL I am pointing out, LOL. Sorry! I get excited when I make fangirly connections! 😉 )

So, essentially, ENTJs are very similar to INTJs, being dead brilliant and all, but there are some differences– the most obvious being that ENTJs are extraverts (obvs). They have a natural “people charisma” to them that seems to run in the extravert family, and can make them quite popular, despite any blunt directness they may display due to Te. Additionally, this type also quite has a nice balance of Ni-Se in the middle, like their Feeler-y cousin, ENFJ, making them ideal connoisseurs of some of the finer things of life. They can just as easy appreciate and critique artwork in all forms, for instance (Se), while also discussing the deep facts of life with others (Ni). I have seen this very clearly in the few ENTJs I have encountered, fascinating people to talk to, usually (the females, anyways. Only knew one male one, and he was kind of just mostly bossy. xD ). Their weakness? Their Inferior Fi– being natural Thinkers, they tend to rationalize their emotions more, similar to an INTJ, only to a lesser extent at times; INTJs have a balanced Te-Fi in the middle, whereas ENTJs’ Feeling function is at the bottom of the stack and the priority pile. If an ENTJ does not learn how to balance all four as well as they can, and completely ignore Fi, this can put some distance between them and their loved ones, who may even think them cold or uncaring because the lack of Feeler-yness in their stack. However, like INTJs, they do show affection and fondness for others– just in other ways, as we’ll soon see.

Like ENFJs, they do have a manipulative, more controlling streak, that may prove unhealthy or even dangerous, if not used in a healthy and productive way. They do not like incompetence or inefficiency, so if you’re slacking in your work– in time– and an ENTJ boss or manager starts eyeballing your way, beware. Unlike sensitive Feelers, they do not mind being direct, confrontational, and even a bit abrasive (read: “mean”) as long as it means the job gets done, and properly.

ENTJ Cognitive Functional Stack-Ups:

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Conscious function. As the ENTJ’s Dominant function, it holds supreme sway over most of the other functions. They tend to talk more than listen, expressing opinions and judgements that may seem harsh to others; they Judge before they Perceive what is going on. This can be both a positive and negative trait. On one hand, this can cause them to make premature assessments before thinking on a deeper level as to why those assessments have been made, or if they are valid assessments. They may only look back later and realize that they wanted to qualify, soften, or take back what they said. On the other, it can easily make them strong, courageous, and uncompromising leaders– something that is sometimes needed in society. Te tends to make the ENTJ serious and focused on their goals, and likes external order, rationality, concrete plans and direct answers. While Auxiliary Ni can allow them to see other possibilities of doing things, overall Te still makes it pretty clear that they like things done their way or the high way.

Introverted iNtuition (Ni): Unconscious function. Like fellow intuitives, ENTJs are future-forward-focused, thanks to their Ni function. They like innovation, and are quick to get bored or restless in the mundane, repetitive old-fashioned ways of yesteryear. Instead of thinking of it in terms of “intuition,” however, ENTJs more commonly call it things like, “instinct,” or “going with your gut”. Thanks to the the analytical work of details by Dom Te, Ni is able to see how how the little details fit neatly into the big scheme of things; this notorious tag-team is similarly shared by INTJs (only, it’s Ni-Te instead of Te-Ni), making both strategic, plotting masterminds. Not only that, but Ni can help to soften Te a bit– helping them see all aspects instead of just jumping to premature conclusions. Ni also contributes to ENTJ charisma, helping to provide wit behind jokes, etc.

Extraverted Sensing (Se): Conscious function. Se tends to make ENTJs more sensuous, instinctive, and appetite-based when it’s used. Like other NJ users, Se is utilized to seek the finer quality, physical things in life, with wealthy lifestyles, new experiences and sensations, even collecting material goods. However, Ni and Te both keep a careful check over Se, and take the obvious lead on most things.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Unconscious/subconscious function. Since they do not have ready access to their Inferior Fi, ENTJs are often either uncomfortable accessing their personal feelings and values (preferring to use Te), or just ignore/are unaware of it. As opposed to IxFPs, who have a great deal of control and influence on their own feelings and personal values, but feel powerless against the outside world, ENTJs often feel powerless against their own inner emotions and values, but often try to counter this in attempting to control their outer world and environment via Te.  However, there are moments where Inferior Fi may still rear its head. For instance, if there is a cause that particularly moves them, something that has affected them or is affecting them, they will feel obliged to work with that passion. For instance, if a beloved sibling died of cancer in the past, and the ENTJ went to medical school to become a doctor, the experience of losing a loved one could very well have touched their Inferior Fi, causing them to vow to seek a cue for others with the disease. This is not to say that Inferior Fi is always a positive thing, though– most Inferior functions are left relatively unused, and can become toxic if handled improperly by someone inexperienced in its usage. It is best if the ENTJ either balances their stack well, or focuses on honing in a bit more on their dynamic duo of Te-Ni.

Fans of the “work hard, play hard,” motto, ENTJs are master strategists and can be highly competitive– the former I’ve found to be quite true in most ENTJ females I know, being highly organized, competent, brilliant hard workers with a stratagem with just about everything and anything under the sun. They are often in leadership or influential positions– and they don’t have to be your boss or a CEO, either. One Christian blogger I know, who consistently tackles controversial spiritual and societal issues, is the most organized person I know, and is by all means the ideal epitomes of the Proverbs 31 women; she is an ambitious, in-home businesswoman, a Godly wife and mother to her small family, and an inspiration to many of her followers on social media. She plans her days and her weeks out quite thoroughly, but has learned to leave room for flexibility in her schedule, being married to a Perceiver type (ISFP– he balances her out well 🙂 ).

However, like all types, ENTJs have personality drawbacks. If they are unhealthy, they can quickly grow cold, cruel, bossy, overly insensitive, and very controlling. (They are also one of the most-used types for antagonists for books, along with INTJs and a few other types. Thinker types seem to be common with villains.).

In fact, said blogger mentioned that before she developed her relationship with her husband, she would view him as an extension of herself, and therefore anything HE did would reflect back on HER, positive or negative– and she would try to “mold” him (i.e., heavily boss, control what he wore, etc). She has since let him be his own person, fortunately, and now has an extremely healthy relationship with him and their two daughters.

Overall, it is advised that ENTJs practice using their Perceiving function, Se, and their Ni more, to balance out their Judging Te and to gain a more open perspective. That way, they are able to see all angles before they make a proper judgement call. They do often care about others, but, as common to xxTJ types, they will often express it in giving helpful advice, going to great lengths to provide for or take care of loved ones, or giving their invaluable feedback on something they think needs corrected. 😉

Famous/Historical ENTJs: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Patrick Stewart, Napoleon Bonaparte, Margaret Thatcher, Aristotle, George Clooney







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