Hey y’all,

Hey, don’t look at me funny. I know, I know, it’s been a while– AGAIN– but in my defense, Livva was too busy with finals to keep on MY bushy lil tail, so here we are. A couple weeks late, as per usual. (Hey, I go late with STYLE. A female Zorua’s gotta have class and sass, y’know what I’m sayin’?)

Anyways, so much has happened since last time I chattered your ears off. Livva was super-duper stressed a couple weeks ago, with school and everything else (and I sometimes still wonder if it keeps haunting her, but hey), but we made good time of it, and she got everything she needed done, I guess.

Oh oh oh and the weekend before we went to the zoo!!! THE FREAKING, FLIPPING ZOO!!! (To which I have never been.) I was kinda sad to see all those poor, unlucky little creatures all caged up instead of roaming free like Yours Truly, but not just anyone can be in my fur, hehehe… Anyways, I was really, really tempted to go and even let some animals loose, including a clouded leopard and even a lion (What? The poor guy looked so BORED, can’t say I’d blame him, with nothing to do all day but lounge around a cage watching ignorant little upstarts making faces at you… It’d get under MY fur, too…), but Livva found out and stopped me last minute. Reminded me of my promise to behave if I came along. To which I very reluctantly sighed and gave in. But hey, at least I got to hit the background tour with her. I got to lick a giraffe’s nose, up close and personal, snuck some of the fish that they were feeding the polar bears (don’t tell Livva, though), and even got to bump noses/paws with the latters (Livva could’ve throttled me by that point. Hehehe…). They’re pretty chill creatures, if ya catch ma drift. 😉

Livva says that even though we’re home now, she doesn’t want to completely STAY at home 24/7, or she’d go mad. I’m in complete agreement; I’d go loony too if I was shut up in an asylum all day long with practically nothing to do, no where to go, nothing to see. So she’s made it her mission that, every once a week, she’s gonna get outta the house to go someplace, and take us with her (thank heavens.).

Anyways, now that we’re back home, Livva says both she and I have no excuse NOT to write. Humph. As if. SHE can write all she wants for her blog thingy on here, for her internship thingy, and even for her study thingy with her adviser, but she is NOT making me do all the dirty work this summer. No sirree, three whole months is just too DANG FREAKING LOOOONNNGGG.

Cue me buttering up to Ginger, Karisse, and even Evvy, asking if they could swap out for me occasionally. They’re all my teammates, my Poke-sisters, after all, couldn’t they help out a sister? But nope, Karisse said I needed to learn how to be responsible, even for a Zorua; I reminded her that she too was once so, but her reply was something stupid like, “Blah, blah… I know, and that’s why I want you to do this… blah, blah…” Made almost no sense whatsoever, but clearly she wasn’t gonna go for it. So I turned to sweet, endearing, naive lil Evvy. Don’t get me wrong, I like Evvy… she’s just too sweet and almost too easy to prank. Plus, she’s even more sensitive than Livva, which is saying something, so I can’t really get away with pranking her unless I want that dam to burst. But, knowing how sweet and upbeat she could be, I politely asked if she could fill in for me. Her answer, “I don’t know… I mean, I really don’t…”

Me: “Whaddya mean, you don’t know?! How can you not know if you can do something?!”

Her: “Well, it’s not that I don’t wanna help… it’s that I CAN’T; I dunno how to write…” *licks front paw nervously, then looks up at me anxiously through one floppy ear*

Me: *sighs and pawpalms* “Well, that’s fine. Just fine. Forget I asked.”

Her: “Sowwee….”

Welp, you can clearly see how THAT turned out. So, instead, I turned to my last resort Poke-sista: Ginger. Ging and I have been known to butt heads on numerous occasions; I like to get down and messy, she’s a Miss Prim, Neat and Proper; Imma tomboy, she’s girly and into fashion and stuff; I’d bite Livva if she’d try to put a ribbon on me, Ging fusses if she’s not “properly” groomed and brushed and “ribbonified”. Good grief, she was the LAST Poke I wanted to ask. But I did, outta desperation. And I was shocked almost outta my fur when she said,

“Good, I knew you’d see reason enough to ask me eventually.”

What the heck’s THAT supposed to mean?! But whatever. I’ve found a sometimes substitute; that’s ALL that matters now. And she can yap about whatever girly, prissy things she wants; I could really care less. Just as long as Livva doesn’t find out, and she doesn’t make ME look bad. But anywhooo…

Sayanara, people!

— Eikon


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