Isaac is the third


Born initially with intent

Of some cheer;

Soon converted to

Devilish distraction,

Liking trucks and tractors

Along with much

Crazy, boyish action.

Knives, guns, and camo

Fill his days

While he runs off all over the place,

Acting ever the saucy knave.


Owen was

Numero dos,

Born a year apart

From Yours Truly,

We are usually somewhat


From trains and transformers,

To video games galore,

We always joke about

How he’ll be in debt,

‘Cause he’s “Owin’ Moore”.


But first and foremost:

My partner in crime,

That never even got to live

Their time

Outside our mother’s womb.

Conceived with me, yet

Set sooner free

Into God’s loving Arms

Are they.

Until I go home,

and I spy God on His throne,

I know that we shall meet



Happy National Sibling’s Day to my brothers Owen and Isaac, and also to my dearly beloved twin. To the formers, I love ya both even though you guys drive me nuts in your own immature, boyish ways. Isaac, I know at least a part of you loves me and respects me, even though your dumb manly pride forbids you to express any such sentiment. Owen, even though I pressure you to do things and sometimes ask you to lend me moola when I’m broke, know I love you. Even when you say or do out of place things, even when you struggle to express what you’re feeling. I would not go to the lengths to try to do you all these little social and academic favors if I didn’t care about you.

To the latter, since I’ve no idea if you’re another brother, or perhaps an elusive sister, I am still honored to call you my twin and my family. I know you’re probably looking down from heaven at me right down, but if not, know I love you and am trying my best to live life to the fullest here on earth, since I was the only one out of the two who made it. Best wishes and blessings; give my love to Boopy, Dolly, all the hamsters and rabbits, Grandpap Joe, Grandpap Guy, and Rita Kreger. 


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