Letters From Eikon: The Catch-Up

“Hey y’all,

Boy, was I in hot water. Livva just about hit the roof when she found out I hadn’t been written a letter for like three weeks. I made the point of pointing out that SHE kept procrastinating on posting too, but that only got me into bigger trouble. So, here I am. Unwilling, but chicken-pecking futilely at the keyboard with my paws.

When I started to whine to Livva that it had been a while, and I had no idea what to write about, she suggested I tell a bit more about myself, in addition to stuff that’s been going on in our lives since I last wrote. Well, I’m not a Miss Prissy like Ginger, but I’m not brainy like Livva, either (I don’t know how she does all that crazy school stuff, honestly). I’m not a dancer like Evelette, but I do love Lecrae, Skillet, Tedashii and sometimes Group 1 Crew. A. Lot. In fact, while I don’t normally dance, the other weekend I was blaring Lecrae while jumping up and down on Livva’s bunk screaming from one of Lecrae’s songs, “I’M A SAINT! I’M A SAINT! I’M A SAINT!” Livva’s warned me her roomies may not like that, but they can stuff it– I like having a great time, and they’re not about to put a damper on my mood when it’s a good one.

Speaking of her roomies, most of them are pretty chill. I love Tabitha’s and Molly’s sense of humor, and if I could use my Illusion to be human and chime in, I would (especially when they’re picking on the other roomie, Lyddie.). Their sass level is on POINT. I don’t really care for Lyddie. Livva says she’s nice enough, but she’s just kinda, errrr…. in conflict with my personality, as Livva often says. I actually don’t like that she’s all perky and kinda girly and stuff, and that she’s super, super messy. Don’t get me wrong; I myself like making messes, and I don’t mind Livva’s messes, but Lyddie’s messes are kinda EVERYWHERE. I mean, not limited to her areas, like a TORNADO. You just can’t escape it. I’ve considered hiding in a pile of her just sitting there laundry, using my Illusion to turn into something really terrifying, and popping out at her, screaming, “BOO!” just to scare the freaking daylights out of her and see her shocked expression. Like a deranged jack-in-the-box. (Hehehe…) But Livva stops me when she says I get that “look in my eyes, like I’m scheming something fierce.” Says it’s not nice of me, Lyddie has enough trouble and health issues going on, though I don’t think in all reality Livva would really object. But anyways.

A couple weeks ago, we went on a Mystery Bus Trip, Livva and Ginger and Evelette and me. Since we had no idea what to expect, I was practically itching with eager expectation the whole time. Unlike Livva, I love surprises. Ok, I take that back: Livva SOMETIMES likes surprises, but not as much as me. Maybe that’s because we Zorua love surprising, shocking, and taunting people. But I almost didn’t go, since the trip’s theme was apparently “elegance.” Yeeeeeeeccchhhh. That’s Ginger and Evelette, not me. Although in the end, I decided to come, mainly because I didn’t wanna be bored out of my gourd the whole stupid weekend long (plus, got to stay up waaaayyyyy past my bedtime!! 🙂 ).

That trip was AWESOME, except for the boring, dumb art museum that only Ginger and Evelette liked (though they, along with Livva, did not like one quilt in particular, and thought it should be burned. I offered to find a lighter, but Livva gave me “The Look” again, and reminded me of my promise to behave, if I was to tag along. 😦 ). Ginger felt that looking at art made her a “Pokemon of culture,” but I told her it just made her boring. She got pretty annoyed at me after that, but we made up after I snuck her some extra, spicy chocolate. We all love chocolate, but Ginger really loves her spicy foods (I think it’s because she’s a hot-blooded Fire-Type. Hehehe.). The dinner at the fancy restaurant was OK, would’ve been better if they’d had live entertainment, like skilled acrobats going from the balconies, or sword-swallowers, or fire jugglers! I suggested this to Livva, and she said she would think about talking to Randon, the guy who plans the trips, about it. Which in Livva-speak, means roughly, “There’s a very slim chance of me doing that.” Crap. The rest of the night was pretty fun; we watched people race in a derby with ridiculous masks on (I wanted Livva to, but she kept saying, “Not on your life!” Party pooper. ), and much later, after the boring art museum, we went to a WATER PARK!!! So much fun; I’ve never been to a water park before. Livva said that she’d never this particular water park since she was very, very little, so it was a treat for her, too. I think the only one not really pleased was Ginger even though she hung out around the hot tub area (didn’t get in, though. Big, prissy chicken. Was probably there just for the dumb heat.). Evelette loved the lazy river, wave pool, and the kiddie slides. Me, I loved almost everything. The lazy river was fun because I could pretend I was Jaws, and sneak up on people being lazy to nip at their ankles. The climbing was great, and they had all sorts of little water guns to spray other climbers with, once you reached the top (I had a field day with that). There were alllll kinds of slides, but of course I HAD to go on giant funnel ones like, “The Big Kahuna”. Soooo much fun! Ohhhhhhh, and THEY HAD A GIANT BUCKET THAT TOTALLY DOUSED YOU WHEN YOU STOOD UNDER IT!!! I kept looking to see if another Zorua was operating it, but Livva said it was mechanics. Ah, well. The only real disappointment was the wave pool; I was expecting these HUGE tidal waves, but Livva said that if they did that the park would be totally swamped, people would probably drown, and the owner would probably get sued or something. *Sigh* I guess she’s right, but STILL….

Lately, Livva’s been fretting a lot about her dumb classes for when she goes back to Geneva in the fall. I looked at her schedule; it was as dull as dull could be (except for her Dr. Williams class. Any class with Dr. Williams in it is pure golden. That man could make driftwood seem fascinating.); I was shocked when she told me she was thinking of replacing one of her somewhat interesting classes with a class about some boring Russian guy whose name I can’t even pronounce… When I asked her why would she even think of taking a dumb class like that, she said she may not even have a choice in the matter. If I was less selfish, I think I would tell her to take all the classes she needed/wanted, and I could use my Illusion to go as her on the other days, for other classes, so I wouldn’t be cooped up and bored all day long. Buuuuutttt, the idea of being cooped up with some professor yapping about some random Russian dude whose name I can’t pronounce doesn’t appeal to me, either, so think I’m going to have to pass on that…




Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7LsFwxC7fo


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