Letters From Eikon

Eikon is my shiny female Zorua. She has agreed to take over my blog about once a week from now to give me a break and also to give you a glimpse into what crazy things we’re up to… Beware, as a Zorua, she is HIGHLY mischievous, and can be blunter than me, at times.  

“Hey, there… What’s up, peeps? *looks innocent*

OK, Enough with the chit chat. Lemme cut to the chase.

So basically, over Livva’s break, she gave me an assignment. She has alllll this homework, so she thought, why not share the love and force that on me? Kidding, I’m kidding… Love ya, Livva.

Who’s Livva? Well, she’s only the BEST Trainer-Mom-big sis-best friend EVER. She adopted me when I was just an eggy; told me a certain someone gave me to her as a gift… guess I was too much trouble even then, and they wanted me off their hands, hehehe… But Livva still loves me. She can be moody some days, but that’s OK. We can get moody together, watch Star Wars together (Revenge of the Sith and The Force Awakens are my newest faves… Can’t get enough of Kylo!!), and I can pull pranks on her brothers as much as I want. Especially her youngest brother– he’s LOTS of fun to pull pranks on. 😉

Anyways, so I knew Livva was gonna go back to school like she always does (she actually got my eggy at school, so she tells me…), and I haven’t been since her first year at school, so I almost pitched a fit– but then, she decided to take me!! And my new buddies/ adoptive seesters Ginger and Evelette, too!! But she had a condition: I havta write.




I’m not a good writer like her, OK? I can barely even type (and even that was with Livva’s help.). But I am a good trier, and Livva knows that, so here we are.

Livva came back after she went to a concert on Saturday (My reaction: “WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE ME?!” Hers: “Sorry, they said no Zoruas allowed.” >.> ), and to make up for not taking me, we cuddled lots while she read to me some of her homework. I don’t think it’s fair that she has to have HOMEWORK over her break, any more than it’s fair for ME to fill-in for her during the school year… But hey, things happen, even if they’re annoying or dumb. The rest of her break was chill; we hung out loads, and Livva went to a make-up party (I didn’t go– not my thing 😛 ), and later we had our own spa day just yesterday before we headed off today. It was simply FAB. I mean, sure, I got a LITTLE claustrophobic with the body wrap, but the MASSAGE (I’ll bet you never would’ve guessed they have massages for Pokemon, did you? )…. so great. And it was interesting to see Livva, well…. like that (Hehehe….). That afternoon, we hit a bridal shower; I hitched a ride in a Poke Ball (as much as I hate the things) in Livva’s bag, then hid under the table. So many fancy ladies there; I was quite tempted to scurry about and start nipping at their ankles, and work up a wonderful frenzy! 😉 But, alas, Livva gave me that look she gives me when she knows I’m up to something she thinks I shouldn’t be, so I had to be a good, quiet little mouse. 😦 I don’t see WHY though, it was so BORING. Honestly, a Zorua’s good luck charm to someone getting mated (as we like to call it) is like a playful little nip on the ankle and a kissie on the cheek, but oh well. Whatever. If they want it to be dull, I guess I won’t really judge.

So, this is how it’s gonna be from now on, whether you or I like it or not. But unlike you, I get an inside scoop on what my Livva’s been up to, and now, since I have full reporting powuh…. Heheheeee….

Later chums,



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