Author’s Note: I know that this is an extremely sensitive topic, and that I’m a rather blunt and even slightly abrasive kind of person, but please, bear with me. I write this not out of spite, but out of love. Love for my fellow Image Bearers, and a desire to start reflecting Jesus more. So, here goes…

“To All The Politically Correct People Out There,

First, allow me to say that, for those who don’t know me, I’m one of those Christian conservative “nuts” who defend Biblical morality (without swearing, no less) in the comments section, on certain articles, at certain times (though NOT all the time) on Facebook. Yeah, I’m one of “those” people.

But, please… before you diss me out totally, I just want to talk. No arguing, not really. Just talk. Is that OK?

The reason for this being, of course, when you are online you don’t really know KNOW anyone, save for your “friend list” or sometimes “followers list”. You cut into, deeply, people you don’t even know behind a facade of a screen, and it’s so easy to do. So tempting to just forget that each name has a face. A personality. A past, with lots of hidden scars. Some more recent than others. It’s easy and cowardly to hide behind a screen, point fingers of blame and shout angry, irrational, assumptive and possibly highly hypocritical accusations at people who even mildly disagree with you. To pretend those dissenters are just that– troublemaking nobodies who don’t know jack diddly. Well.

I won’t pretend I haven’t been emotionally injured by what politically correct folks have told me, what they’ve called me. That would, indeed, make me a liar, if anything else. Bigot. Ignorant. Cussing. Intolerant. Brainwashed/indoctrinated. More cussing. People who think I’m simply “spiritual” and not “scientific,” and thus be considered childishly naive about things. I’ve heard just about all of it.

I won’t pretend I haven’t been hurt…

…. but, I won’t act like I value those particular opinions of me, either.

Don’t get me wrong, I do care about people who MAKE the opinions. Just not the actual opinions, themselves. To semi-quote an American Girl girl from one of their books, about bullying, “If I cared about your opinion, I would be offended by that.” I’m hurt, yes. Offended, not really. I won’t act like words never hurt, they cut deep. I’ve self-insulted countless times, and speak on a personal level, where that’s concerned (heck, I’ve probably insulted MYSELF more frequently than people have actually insulted me online. Which is really, really saying something…). But when it boils down to it, I need to ask myself…


Why, is what I also ask you. What I need to know. Is society’s opinion of you, the government’s opinion of you, so highly held in your own mind that you refuse to dissent against it– even a little– to speak out and say a word otherwise? Or even perhaps being afraid to? Is it worth tearing into people’s chests online and ripping out the veins and arteries that lead to their hearts online, one by one? People that could very well be in a similar situation to you, a next door neighbor, a widow, etc? Is it worth destroying possible friendships and relationships over? Is it really worth all that for society to give you the golden sticker of the day, in relating to the public opinions that aren’t even your own? Aren’t you tired of feeling like their robot, their recording device for their propaganda?

So, I’m not here to argue. I’m here to ask ALLLLL of that^, and to show I care. Despite the bickering. Despite the laying into me. Despite drudging up all those hidden insecurities you might not even be aware exist under the surface of my epidermis. I still care. I still pray for you. Even if you’re hurting and angry and want to take it all out on anyone who disagrees. Even if Society and the Gov’t are your “gods” and primary priorities in your life (As well as social media “likes” and followers. There are bigger things in life to worry about. Trust me on that.). I still care, and you cannot ever stop me, about you deeply. I still pray for you. I pray that God opens a light into your life and that He directs your steps away from these false idols, away from sin which corrupts and stains black every single thing it touches. I pray that the love of the Trinitarian God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit, will reach out and impact your life, for the better, forever.


Your Prayer Warrior and “Intolerant Troublemaker”,

Olivia R. Moore.”


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