Welcome to the Nostalgia of the Wonderfully Strange, Disturbingly Unique Mind of Yours Truly. There is no escaping now that you have clicked on this article. You do not get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card; you get to buckle up, hang on for dear, sweet life and enjoy. So, with that in mind…

When I was a kid, I was a bit of an oddball. Scratch that– I’m still an oddball. But, as a kid, I was a highly creative oddball. You see, before I ever put my pen to paper or started learning how to work “Type to Learn” at elementary school, I simply made up terrific stories in my head, and told them to myself. Never to others, I was too terrified of what people would think. More often than not, if  someone– anyone, really– cared enough to stop and ask me what my daydreams were about, I’d typically lie and say it was a secret, knowing that in actuality they wouldn’t get it. Wouldn’t get ME. And often, for some strange reason, these incredible stories did not have endings, but that was something I usually– and rather unfortunately– shrugged off, before moving on to story No. 2. This is a struggle I deal with, even to this day. I often daydreamed of fantasy lands, of adventures, of magical portals, certain areas on the playground that would transport me to such wonderful lands– in my head, at least. I was an oddball in the fact that I didn’t just sit and stare off into to space, like many daydreamers do, or go off the other end and actually act out my daydreams. No, I would seemingly aimlessly walk around a certain area in almost lap-like fashion, while getting stares from some kids in the process. I could almost imagine what they were thinking, judging me: “Wow, that’s one weird kid.”  But I digress. The motion helped me vent any physical stress, as well as emotional stress. Anything that happened to me during the day, as well as surrounding structure, could easily contribute to my daydreams, to my stories. Here are a couple of unfinished stories I do recall making up throughout the years, that have never got finished: (Mind, I made up many, many more than are actually listed here, but I’ve created so many throughout the years, lost so many throughout the years, that’s it’s impossible to list them all, and the ones I do have I’ve kind of been terrified of losing due to copyright and stuff…)

  1. “Little Me as a Mouse.”This was almost my version of Lizzie McGuire’s “anime self,” only was a little animated mouse who had my haircut (think Wanda from “The Magic School Bus” =P ), a white t-shirt, and a bright red, pleated overall-dress thingy on. She basically lived at my elementary school, followed me room to room, with all her little mouseholes and hidden areas, and had no real story except to be related to mine. Probably one of my more “boring stories”.
  2. “Me as a Portal-Hunter.” Definitely one of my longest-lasting daydreams, it still stands a little with me today. I’ve grown up with two imaginary friends, Secret Friend (aka S.F., who resembled the Indian doll of Sarah Crew’s in the animated version of “A Little Princess”.) and Little Friend (L.F., who resembled this magical tree fairy in an older children’s book about granting a woodcutter three wishes because he spared cutting her home tree down— I know, I was so creative with names back then, xD), who helped me access a magical, fantasy world called Lak. There were multiple ways to travel there; by magical underground staircases underneath flat rocks, hidden panels in swimming pools, you name it. I got heavy inspiration for this particular daydream after reading “The Secrets of Droon” series, which, by the way, I engulfed far sooner than I did Harry Potter (kind of need to finish them, never really got that chance…). The concept was similar, fighting bad guys (cough… S.F.’s older sis Fracksia and Dark lord Raykin, based on Sparr…. cough…)and whatnot, only with a slight twist: We were Portal-Hunters. Think cop meets detective meets something else. That something else was going around, hunting down and closing off excess portals and forbidding access to Lak from outside, other worlds and other stories (think like if Voldemort, the Darkling, or Sauron accidentally tumbled into that world, when we already have enough evilness to deal with. Yeah, that.), and returning lost characters to their own worlds, so as not to disrupt the balance or anything. And along the way, we meet a lot of awesome characters while searching for portals, a lot of interesting creatures and animals, too. But yeah, so far, that’s one of my oldest and my best, albeit highly unfinished.
  3. “Me as a Pokemon Missainer.” This has been one of my most brilliant ideas yet; I clearly recall inventing this story concept in my head at the ripe age of sixteen, yet it was never really one that took wings and flew off– yet. Basically (some people MAY think I’m cuckoo by this point, but honestly– I don’t care.), it’s about me being unintentionally transported to the world of Pokemon (any region, but I specifically had the Unova region in mind at that time ❤ Because N, and original T.P.), and not only being a Trainer (which is already my lifelong unrealistic, unachievable dream) but also being a CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY SIMULTANEOUSLY. Hear me out; it’s PERFECT. I go town to town, battling and fulfilling my Trainer quest while earning badges and stuff, while ALSO taking advantage of the fact that I’m travelling to spread to Gospel among people (think Apostle Paul), including villains. When I first thought this up, I got super giddy, I was so excited about the concept. Still may use it someday, SO NOBODY HAD BETTER STEAL IT!!!
  4. “The Story of Leaf”. Speaking of Trainers… Sure, all Pokemon fans (the good ones that know their stuff, that is) know about Red and his legacy, and all the other gaming characters and all their legacies, or at least, their anime counterparts’ legacies… but, what about Red’s FEMALE counterpart, LEAF? All we know is she has ONE LEGIT counterpart, and that’s Green from “Pokemon Adventures”. No anime counterpart, and we have no clue what she’s up to in-game. I’ve always wondered about that, so I decided to start a story about her– one that I may just come back to and take the liberty of posting on here, sometime. 😉 I don’t care if people think it’s so-called “fanfic,” I’m going for it as if GameFreak themselves have made it legit. After my lovely “Junk Collector,” Series, of course (that, and a new, different, but kinda connected series I’m semi-simultaneously working on… Top Secret. Planning on getting THAT baby OFFICIALLY published someday. *Proud Momma look*).

A good aide to my daydreaming was often me listening to music. I love epic dance/inspirational music; it’s PERFECT for epic scenes, fight scenes, you name it. It’s almost like having a mini theater inside your brain, only… it’s FREE.


In fact, I often write to awesome sauce instrumental music when I’m in story-writing-up mode on here, as well. Here are just a few songs I listen to, courtesy of YouTube and GlitchxCity:

GlitchxCity: (* means for epicness)

Diamond and Pearl Route 209 Remix

Johto Tin Tower Remix*

Relic Castle Remix Version II

X and Y Anistar City Remix

Laverre City Remix

Viridian Forest Remix (sweet, laid-back yet upbeat music)

Sinnoh Game Corner Remix Ver. II

X and Y Route 15 Remix

Indigo Plateau Remix Ft. Matt Wilson * (music of determination)

Heartgold and Soulsilver route 47 remix *

X and Y Pokemon League Remix * (use to prepare characters for epic confrontations, or epic escapades.)

Santalune Forest Remix * (I often picture a plane coming in for a landing at the beginning of this, and my brain imaging will shift to fast-forwarded nighttime London, with all the busy traffic, lights, people, and bright-red double-Decker buses. Can you picture it?)

HG and SS Ecruteak City Remix

SMD Lush Forest Remix

MD Sky Peak Final Pass Remix

Johto Burned Tower Remix Ver. II *

Black and White Rt. 10 Remix Ver. II

X and Y Prof. Sycamore’s Theme Remix (used for educated people or explanations, aka “Mikey Times”)

Sun and Moon Hau’oli City Remix (A very laid back theme, indicating the meeting of characters and often the start of an adventure.)

Sun and Moon Aether Foundation Remix

Pokemon Tower Remix Ver. II (This I basically use as The First’s “theme song”. Try listening to this while reading the prologue to “The Deceiver”– gives you a very ominous feeling.)

Sun and Moon Lusamine Remix (reminds me of the Shadow Six, as well as of the First.)

Sun and Moon Mount Lanakila Remix ** (Definitely reminds me of fighting, or going to fight. Lots of hard determined beats in this one.)

Sun and Moon Vast Poni Canyon Remix, Ft. CG5** (Newest fave epic remix of hers. I picture Junk Collectors, present and future, literally scaling great heights when listening to this. It’s beautiful.)

Anyways, this was my brain before I starting writing (I mean, REALLY writing),  but sometimes, there are days I actually daydream ABOUT daydreaming like I used to. Kinda weird, but hey.


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