Houses Meet Kanto Dex Holders!

Hi, everyone!!

So, it’s been a while– and I mean QUITE a while– since I’ve actually done a fun, non-sermony, non-book or non-story related post. A day or two ago, a fun blogging topic encroached on my mind’s atmosphere, so I figured, why the heck not? (Besides, need to unwind before mid-terms anyways, so it’s a win-win for everyone. ūüôā )

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Sorting in Harry Potter’s wonderful wizarding world, and how we as human beings like to order/categorize things. Houses in HP. Factions in¬†Divergent.¬†Districts in¬†The Hunger Games.¬†Then I made another connection. A direct correlation, actually (for my unusual brain, anyhow.).

The colors and personality attributes of each Hogwarts House correlates almost perfectly with four of the main protagonists, from the Kanto region, in my beloved¬†Pokemon Adventures¬†manga. I am not kidding you; it is craziness. Aside from the characters having the same names as colors, they also share the persona quirks, as well. You probably do, too, in fact. Here, I’ll show you:

  1. Gryffindor–Red.


If you are a Gryffindor, chances are likely you’re like Red. Red is noted by his Trainer title, “The Battler,” and is well renowned throughout the entire Pokemon world for not only being the Kanto Champ, but for mostly single-handedly taking down the boss of Team Rocket, Giovanni (aka the Mafia of the Pokemon world). That takes serious guts and strength, and if Red’s not the type of person to display that kind of courage, I don’t know who is. He often thinks quick on his feet, and is highly curious. However, he is a very loyal friend and will ferociously defend his close friends, allies and innocents from incoming threats, as seen his defending Green when she was attacked, and her parents, kidnapped. However, like Harry the Gryffindor was also prone to the”dark side” and had a fear of being sorted into Slytherin, Red also had a brush or two with the “dark side” of the Pokemon world– namely, Giovanni. Red has a stubborn, reckless, impulsive and very determined streak that happened to impress the crime boss on several levels. Giovanni actually made a bet with him, stating that based on the outcome of their battle (in the first arc), Giovanni would either leave Virdian and the rest of Kanto alone (if Red won), or Red would join Team Rocket… as his lieutenant (if Giovanni won). Red bravely took him head on, and the result was that Team Rocket was temporarily disbanded (before moving onto the Johto arc, GSC).


2. Ravenclaw– Blue.


If you are a Ravenclaw, chances are you have a thing or two in common with Blue, aka “The Trainer”. Typically calm, cool, and collected, this young man has known Red since the beginning of their Pokemon journey together, and has taught him much, while being taught plenty in return. His nature and maturity he most likely inherited from his grandfather, the famous Pokemon researcher, Professor Oak. His intellect, resourcefulness, and strategic manner make him an incredibly formidable opponent. He has managed to out-think foes on more than one occasion; however, his intelligence and experience can cause him to become haughty every now and then. Despite this, thanks to Red and other characters, he has moments of humility where he realizes and acknowledges that there is still much to be learned. The Leader of the Virdian Gym, he has a fairly well-rounded team, and usually has the best-trained Pokemon battle for him in his stead, while he is normally away– this being an abnormality, since battles usually require both battling Trainers to be present in order to command their Pokemon. (Yes, he’s THAT good!) He only took the position when Red turned it down, however.


3. Slytherin– Green.


Don’t let that pretty face fool you– Green’s more cunning than she may initially let on. Ms. Green here actually made her debut chapter in– get this– scamming Red of his money, using her charms, cunning, and natural beauty. Talk about a Slytherin. This isn’t all her fault, however, as we learn that, like Slytherins being closely associated with You-Know-Who, Green was actually kidnapped at age five (by a legendary Pokemon, no less) and was raised to be one of the most powerful members of the Neo-Team Rocket, by dual agent NTR Leader/Gym Leader (Pokemon in general has a penchant for Machiavellian villains, on occasion.), Pryce, before choosing to escape with fellow Dex Holder Silver (who is one of the Johto Dex Holders and is also a Slytherin.). However, despite her slyness, she, like Red, is fiercely loyal to her loved ones, and will go to great lengths to protect them, such as Silver or her parents. She is even mature to the degree that she had to learn how to live on her own and make her own living by age eight, shortly after the Great Escape. However, she is not beyond using tricks or lies to scam people or get her way; she has used her Ditto to disguise herself as someone else on numerous occasions, her Jigglypuff for quick aerial transport (rather than use a regular Flying-Type Pokemon) and in the first arc, tried to sell fake functional Pokemon items to many people, Red included. Even when she gradually matures in later arcs, and the Masked Man’s (Pryce’s NTR Leader undercover name) influence over her has nearly entirely waned, she still showed cunning in a stealthy slight-of-hand, swiping one of Ultimate Move Teacher Ultima’s Move Rings, without her ever being aware of it until much later. She tends to keep more private things to herself, such as her background, fear of birds, and personal motives/quests, unless she deeply trusts such person.


4. Hufflepuff–Yellow.


Now, Yellow and Hufflepuff are NOT last because they are the “least important”. Quite the contrary, actually– Yellow actually gets an ENTIRE arc to herself, and becomes a pivotal character in the GSC chapter. If you’re in Hufflepuff, you are liable to get on well with Yellow. Sweet, diplomatic, hardworking, naive, trusting yet trustworthy, and very loyal Yellow. She deeply admires Red, ever since he saved her from a rampaging Dratini in the Viridian Forest, and has the special “gift” of healing Pokemon simply by touching them, hence known as “the Healer.” She hates fighting in general, and prefers to pick her battles carefully. However, if need be, if she is angry or in distress, the Pokemon around her will sense it and instantly grow much more powerful, rushing to her aid in some situations. Initially, Green told her to hide her identity as a girl while looking for information on the initially missing Red (a well-assumed fan theory that ships Green and Red states that Green told Yellow such because she didn’t want competition, and Yellow has a bit of a crush on him…Red, being unaware of this at the end of the Yellow arc, jokes at one point that they should all just “live together,” causing Yellow to blush furiously.), while giving her special feathers (the Silver Feather and the Rainbow Feather, respectively) that are key to summoning the legendary bird Pokemon, Lugia and Ho-oh, for safekeeping.


So there you have it, folks! Now the only questions that remain are…

Which house are you in? Which Kanto Dex Holder are YOU most like?



Image Credit:….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.21.2840.0..35i39k1.LW3B37OMMko#imgrc=DVqtFxMDwzxxcM:….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.21.2840.0..35i39k1.LW3B37OMMko#hl=en&tbm=isch&q=Pokemon+adventures+blue&*….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.21.2840.0..35i39k1.LW3B37OMMko#hl=en&tbm=isch&q=Pokemon+adventures+green&*….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.21.2840.0..35i39k1.LW3B37OMMko#hl=en&tbm=isch&q=Pokemon+adventures+yellow&*


…And Sprinkle Some Drama On [Part 2]

…And Sprinkle Some Drama On [Part 2]



Part 2, here we goooooo….

So, in Part 1 we talked about basically how you shouldn’t plagiarize and stuff, as well as how you need to brainstorm a good plot (or at least, the beginnings of a plot. The Great Birth, The GREAT Labor…. If you’ll pardon my language.). And, no matter what, ALWAYS remember…

BRAINSTORMING IS EVERYTHING!!! (In every way, shape, and form.)

OK, review done. With a good plot, as stated before, you need to start with good characters, interesting or even ironically uninteresting characters (that are maybe put into an interesting situation that FORCES them to actually become interesting…! Plot idea!) that are good people, but still flawed. You pick a genre. A lot of people do fictional stories about present day, but why limit your scene to there? A past, futuristic, sci-fi, or even magical world/other planet could do the trick just as nicely. Anyways. You want to give your characters (and they don’t even have to be human) some kind of goal, some desire that drives the plot along, and gives it pace, whether it be quick, steady, or slow paced. ¬†You want to have a method and motive, most likely (unless it’s a motiveless maligniter), and then….BAM.



Yes, all if not almost every story has some kind of obstruction, some device of prevention that prohibits the character(s) from getting what they desire, that prevent their goals from happening. Maybe it’s a jealous relative. Maybe it’s a group of cannibals, ready to pounce on your unsuspecting explorer characters. Maybe it’s illness, or maybe the problem, the struggle, isn’t even physical. It could be emotional, or even spiritual. This ties into the personal– the protagonist is fighting with themselves. Maybe there was a death in their lives, and they are struggling to cope, or even find themselves struggling in what to believe in after death. Maybe they did something they feel morally convicted over, and are unsure if their actions were really justified at the time. It can be as simple as the plague, or as complex as an internal struggle– war within the mind. Heck, why not have both? You don’t have to, but you can. Often, some of the most page-turning books have plots with more than one problem, and this not only leads to serious character growth and development, but some majorly interesting stories.¬†For instance, in¬†The Lunar Chronicles, the conflict arises out of a corrupt monarch (and her scary mutant soldiers) and a possible marriage alliance, a long-lost cyborg princess coming to terms with who she is, kidnapping, family/friendship conflicts, and more personal conflict based on Lunar glamour (an ability very similar to Jedi mind tricks– she based that off¬†Star Wars.). See what I mean? Doesn’t that sound interesting?


But you don’t want to leave the story at just conflict, and have no resolution. Oh, no. That would be like Jesus coming to earth simply to die and STAY buried– no resurrection. He needed to both die (conflict) AND be raised (solution) for us to believe and be forgiven. It’s similar with a good story: Just as we require good characters, whatever or whoever they are, a good problem (or two), we need a good resolution to our problem. The main character(s) can get want they want in the end, someway, somehow. It doesn’t have to be in a way they’ll expect, either– that’s partly what plot twists are for. Or, if it’s a goal or desire that is actually harmful, you could prevent them from somehow getting what they want, and turning their ways around to a 360.

The possibilities are literally limitless.



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The Plot Thickens… [Part 1]

Last time, I know, I discussed more genres than I did actual plot, but I wanted to set you guys up for what I’m going to be talking with you about today. The real stuff. The nitty-grittiness of plots, suspense-building, and so forth. I’ve already mentioned some ideas in previous posts, such as incorporating character development into the plot to make it not only make sense, but to move it right along.

But now, we not going to talk about JUST the characters, but the plots THEMSELVES.

First, you brainstorm. Try to think up something unique, if you can. Everyone and her sister has heard the classic fairytale of, “Knight needs queen to marry. Knight sees princess in trouble by evil villain. Said evil villain is defeated, and knight rescues ¬†her. They marry, and everyone in the kingdom lives happily ever after.” Uh, no. Do NOT do that. It’s a story that been so worn out, so overused people have really, really gotten sick of reading it. Unless you can put a special twist on original fairytales, as Marissa Meyer does in her¬†Lunar Chronicles¬†series, do NOT go for it. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm. I cannot emphasize enough how important that is to the plot, not just characters. And don’t worry if you get ideas from certain movies, books or things you see, do, etc, as long as you’re not plagiarizing and taking their ideas directly. You want it to have a YOU touch, not a “Suzanne Collins” or “Steven Spielberg” touch. I often get random ideas from random stories and characters, and I think, “Boy, that would be a cool idea to elaborate on into a story of its very own.” Sometimes, I’ll get ideas like that from books like Roald Dahl’s children books, movies like¬†Star Wars.¬†As a matter of fact, in this new book my class and I have coming out, to purchase, my own little short story is actually based on an idea that Dahl introduces in HIS short story, “Henry Sugar”. But no, I never, ever (and that should be a hint that YOU should never ever) go so far as to steal major plots, characters, and so forth. Writing fanfic is one thing. If you are writing a story, your own story, whether it be a short one or a novel, you want it to be YOURS, yours alone. They should have influences, yes, just not movie and book-stolen stuff. (But seriously, be careful. Authors can legit get into major lawsuits over things like that.)

If you draw up a blank at the beginning, that’s OK. I listed some helpful exercises in a previous post to help you. If all else fails, go outdoors, and just DAYDREAM, like I used to do CONSTANTLY as a kid. Daydreaming truly helps to stimulate the imagination.


Don’t worry if you get stuck at a certain point in the plot, or if you start writing and think, “I have no idea how I’m going to end this, or how we are going to get here.” Again, that’s fine. Sometimes, you just have to make yourself write, or this case, word-spit. Keep word-spitting, until something happens and the light switch is suddenly flicked into the “on” position. The worst thing you can do, at this point, is give up. DO NOT GIVE UP. If God meant (I mean, TRULY meant) for you to be a writer, IT WAS MEANT TO BE. You’ve come this far– too far to just throw up your hands and throw in the towel.



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Setting the Scene

Ah, plots.And genres. Next to character creating, this is my favorite writing aspect: actual storyline creating. The best part is, as long as it’s GOOD, you can write about literally ANYTHING– be it romance, mysteries, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, history, sci-fi, horror, thriller, suspense, you name it.

Personally, when I daydream and write up my stories, they tend to lean rather heavily into the genres of fiction, fantasy, adventure, a smidge of sci-fi, MAYBE a touch or two of romance. I do NOT like horror, and super gushy romance. I generally like novels that often have a little bit of everything, like a good buffet.

Reading a romance novel, for me personally, is like going to a buffet where there is literally nothing but desserts. Eat too much, and you get sick pretty quick. I have a large aversion to sickeningly sweet stuff, though SOME sweet is fine. I like novels where, if there IS romance, there’s little bits here and there that contribute to, and don’t obstruct the main plot– but are NOT the main plot itself. Enough for you to squeal like a newborn pig, “I ship it!” but not enough that it makes you sick. Some examples of this technique, of good genre blending, can be found in some very popular series–¬†Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Lunar Chronicles,¬†sometimes¬†Divergent,¬†and sometimes¬†The Grisha Trilogy are all series that are fairly good examples of this. (Mind, the reason I say “sometimes” with the last two is that sometimes they do focus a bit TOO much on the romantic drama at times… Lookin’ at you, Four-Tris… and not to mention that, in¬†The Grisha Trilogy, there is not a love triangle but a love RECTANGLE… three guys want one gal (and the most immature guy gets her….). Talk about romantic pressure…)


I also generally don’t like horror in plots. Books that Mr. Ted Dekker writes are fine because I consider him to be more of the “Action-Suspense- Thriller version of C.S. Lewis,” but he does have a few very graphic, and even a bit disturbing, scenes in there; for his stories’ sakes, he tends to pull it off rather well. However. At times like those, I either shut my eyes, or sometimes skim the page a bit til I get to a non-graphic bit, then relax a little. The good news about horror bits, is, unlike a horror FILM, you can skim/skip them, and still have a general idea of what’s going on, if the overall story’s a different genre. However, reading an entire NOVEL of horror is like going to a horror film, only worse in some ways. If you want to know the plot, you have to read it all, or risk loosing vital information and being left in the dark. You can’t risk skimming or skipping, and, unlike the movie where the music or visible scene is set so you anticipate what may happen next, you can’t shut your eyes. You can’t block up your ears when you read about the gag-muffled screams of the innocent children the mass murderer just burned alive. And it churns my stomach. In short, if I wanted to entertain myself with something THAT horrific, I’d watch “Criminal Minds” as opposed to “Bones”. It’s just not for everyone, and honestly, I think we have enough violence and hate in the world without contributing and possibly giving real-life killers/criminals any more ideas (fun fact: Ariel Castro, convicted rapist and kidnapper, confessed to getting some of his particular… ideas… from seeing certain things on TV. That’s all I’m saying.).

Anyways, rants aside, pick a genre that is not only best-suited for you, but to your story. I love writing fictional fantasy and adventure, but I happen to know several people who struggle with fiction, and prefer either writing academic papers (MY almost least favorite kind of writing, just under horror, then romance– in that order.) and nonfiction. Sometimes, when forced to write fiction, these authors actually come up with some pretty brilliant ideas; since they have either little experience in this realm, or don’t like fiction writing, they tend to gravitate towards their home turf– they look up factual things, real things, historical things, and scientific theories to incorporate into their story, so there’s at least some sense of reality to keep their feet on the ground. Which is perfectly fine, if that works for them (or you). It actually broadens your horizons a good bit, and forces you to look into stuff you might not have looked into otherwise. This is actually my take on things when I take classes (Gen. Eds.) not directly related to my Major; for instance, during this semester I am taking SCS 110, or the Natural Sciences, which in short is a little bit of everything– physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Normally, I would think that such a class is a time-waster since science-y stuff really, really isn’t me, but then I thought about it in terms of my “Junk Collector” and “The Deceiver” stories– if I’m going to write about characters who invent ¬†really cool and handy things from scratch and use them to battle evil people, then logically, I’m going to have to know how things move, how electricity and heat ¬†work, and so on. Hence where the study of physics and chemistry comes in handy, even if I personally don’t care for it. I work it to my advantage, and sometimes even take notes.

So next time (if you’re a student like me), when you’re in class thinking it’s a waste of time, I challenge you to think differently, and see what stories possibilities and opening scenes you could do with what you’re studying.


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Before Writing… Daydreams. And Music.

Before Writing… Daydreams. And Music.

Welcome to the Nostalgia of the Wonderfully Strange, Disturbingly Unique Mind of Yours Truly. There is no escaping now that you have clicked on this article. You do not get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card; you get to buckle up, hang on for dear, sweet life and enjoy. So, with that in mind…

When I was a kid, I was a bit of an oddball. Scratch that– I’m still an oddball. But, as a kid, I was a highly creative oddball. You see, before I ever put my pen to paper or started learning how to work “Type to Learn” at elementary school, I simply made up terrific stories in my head, and told them to myself. Never to others, I was too terrified of what people would think. More often than not, if ¬†someone– anyone, really– cared enough to stop and ask me what my daydreams were about, I’d typically lie and say it was a secret, knowing that in actuality they wouldn’t get it. Wouldn’t get ME. And often, for some strange reason, these incredible stories did not have endings, but that was something I usually– and rather unfortunately– shrugged off, before moving on to story No. 2. This is a struggle I deal with, even to this day. I often daydreamed of fantasy lands, of adventures, of magical portals, certain areas on the playground that would transport me to such wonderful lands– in my head, at least. I was an oddball in the fact that I didn’t just sit and stare off into to space, like many daydreamers do, or go off the other end and actually act out my daydreams. No, I would seemingly aimlessly walk around a certain area in almost lap-like fashion, while getting stares from some kids in the process. I could almost imagine what they were thinking, judging me: “Wow, that’s one weird kid.” ¬†But I digress. The motion helped me vent any physical stress, as well as emotional stress. Anything that happened to me during the day, as well as surrounding structure, could easily contribute to my daydreams, to my stories. Here are a couple of unfinished stories I do recall making up throughout the years, that have never got finished: (Mind, I made up many, many more than are actually listed here, but I’ve created so many throughout the years, lost so many throughout the years, that’s it’s impossible to list them all, and the ones I do have I’ve kind of been terrified of losing due to copyright and stuff…)

  1. “Little Me as a Mouse.”This was almost my version of Lizzie McGuire’s “anime self,” only was a little animated mouse who had my haircut (think Wanda from “The Magic School Bus” =P ), a white t-shirt, and a bright red, pleated overall-dress thingy on. She basically lived at my elementary school, followed me room to room, with all her little mouseholes and hidden areas, and had no real story except to be related to mine. Probably one of my more “boring stories”.
  2. “Me as a Portal-Hunter.” Definitely one of my longest-lasting daydreams, it still stands a little with me today. I’ve grown up with two imaginary friends, Secret Friend (aka S.F., who resembled the Indian doll of Sarah Crew’s in the animated version of “A Little Princess”.) and Little Friend (L.F., who resembled this magical tree fairy in an older children’s book about granting a woodcutter three wishes because he spared cutting her home tree down— I know, I was so creative with names back then, xD), who helped me access a magical, fantasy world called Lak. There were multiple ways to travel there; by magical underground staircases underneath flat rocks, hidden panels in swimming pools, you name it. I got heavy inspiration for this particular daydream after reading “The Secrets of Droon” series, which, by the way, I engulfed far sooner than I did Harry Potter (kind of need to finish them, never really got that chance…). The concept was similar, fighting bad guys (cough… S.F.’s older sis Fracksia and Dark lord Raykin, based on Sparr…. cough…)and whatnot, only with a slight twist: We were Portal-Hunters. Think cop meets detective meets something else. That something else was going around, hunting down and closing off excess portals and forbidding access to Lak from outside, other worlds and other stories (think like if Voldemort, the Darkling, or Sauron accidentally tumbled into that world, when we already have enough evilness to deal with. Yeah, that.), and returning lost characters to their own worlds, so as not to disrupt the balance or anything. And along the way, we meet a lot of awesome characters while searching for portals, a lot of interesting creatures and animals, too. But yeah, so far, that’s one of my oldest and my best, albeit highly unfinished.
  3. “Me as a Pokemon Missainer.” This has been one of my most brilliant ideas yet; I clearly recall inventing this story concept in my head at the ripe age of sixteen, yet it was never really one that took wings and flew off– yet. Basically (some people MAY think I’m cuckoo by this point, but honestly– I don’t care.), it’s about me being unintentionally transported to the world of Pokemon (any region, but I specifically had the Unova region in mind at that time ‚̧ Because N, and original T.P.), and not only being a Trainer (which is already my lifelong unrealistic, unachievable dream) but also being a CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY SIMULTANEOUSLY. Hear me out; it’s PERFECT. I go town to town, battling and fulfilling my Trainer quest while earning badges and stuff, while ALSO taking advantage of the fact that I’m travelling to spread to Gospel among people (think Apostle Paul), including villains. When I first thought this up, I got super giddy, I was so excited about the concept. Still may use it someday, SO NOBODY HAD BETTER STEAL IT!!!
  4. “The Story of Leaf”. Speaking of Trainers… Sure, all Pokemon fans (the good ones that know their stuff, that is) know about Red and his legacy, and all the other gaming characters and all their legacies, or at least, their anime counterparts’ legacies… but, what about Red’s FEMALE counterpart, LEAF? All we know is she has ONE LEGIT counterpart, and that’s Green from “Pokemon Adventures”. No anime counterpart, and we have no clue what she’s up to in-game. I’ve always wondered about that, so I decided to start a story about her– one that I may just come back to and take the liberty of posting on here, sometime. ūüėČ I don’t care if people think it’s so-called “fanfic,” I’m going for it as if GameFreak themselves have made it legit. After my lovely “Junk Collector,” Series, of course (that, and a new, different, but kinda connected series I’m semi-simultaneously working on… Top Secret. Planning on getting THAT baby OFFICIALLY published someday. *Proud Momma look*).

A good aide to my daydreaming was often me listening to music. I love epic dance/inspirational music; it’s PERFECT for epic scenes, fight scenes, you name it. It’s almost like having a mini theater inside your brain, only… it’s FREE.


In fact, I often write to awesome sauce instrumental music when I’m in story-writing-up mode on here, as well. Here are just a few songs I listen to, courtesy of YouTube and GlitchxCity:

GlitchxCity: (* means for epicness)

Diamond and Pearl Route 209 Remix

Johto Tin Tower Remix*

Relic Castle Remix Version II

X and Y Anistar City Remix

Laverre City Remix

Viridian Forest Remix (sweet, laid-back yet upbeat music)

Sinnoh Game Corner Remix Ver. II

X and Y Route 15 Remix

Indigo Plateau Remix Ft. Matt Wilson * (music of determination)

Heartgold and Soulsilver route 47 remix *

X and Y Pokemon League Remix * (use to prepare characters for epic confrontations, or epic escapades.)

Santalune Forest Remix * (I often picture a plane coming in for a landing at the beginning of this, and my brain imaging will shift to fast-forwarded nighttime London, with all the busy traffic, lights, people, and bright-red double-Decker buses. Can you picture it?)

HG and SS Ecruteak City Remix

SMD Lush Forest Remix

MD Sky Peak Final Pass Remix

Johto Burned Tower Remix Ver. II *

Black and White Rt. 10 Remix Ver. II

X and Y Prof. Sycamore’s Theme Remix (used for educated people or explanations, aka “Mikey Times”)

Sun and Moon Hau’oli City Remix (A very laid back theme, indicating the meeting of characters and often the start of an adventure.)

Sun and Moon Aether Foundation Remix

Pokemon Tower Remix Ver. II (This I basically use as The First’s “theme song”. Try listening to this while reading the prologue to “The Deceiver”– gives you a very ominous feeling.)

Sun and Moon Lusamine Remix (reminds me of the Shadow Six, as well as of the First.)

Sun and Moon Mount Lanakila Remix ** (Definitely reminds me of fighting, or going to fight. Lots of hard determined beats in this one.)

Sun and Moon Vast Poni Canyon Remix, Ft. CG5** (Newest fave epic remix of hers. I picture Junk Collectors, present and future, literally scaling great heights when listening to this. It’s beautiful.)

Anyways, this was my brain before I starting writing (I mean, REALLY writing),  but sometimes, there are days I actually daydream ABOUT daydreaming like I used to. Kinda weird, but hey.


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The Deceiver {Part 5}

I know, I feel like I apologize too much when it comes to these things, but this time I am especially sorry, since I am normally a girl of my word… I had fully intended to write up one of these once every two weeks for you guys, but things got really out of hand workload-wise for me… and so, I sadly got behind… BUT. Today I intend to do some major catching up. So, to pick up where we left off…


Wren was doing something completely out of the ordinary.

At least, out of the ordinary compared to what she had currently been doing.

She was looking for her jacket, so she could go take a walk and mull things over. Normally, in these circumstances she’d do anything to get her friends back. Anything. But something about last night nagged and tugged at the back of her mind. The paper’s comforting glow, yet the fact that the lettering only showed in darkness. The fact that she or Jake had not spied it earlier was disturbing enough, and she still debated whether or not she could trust this person, whoever they were.

Finding her jacket, she yanked it on and trudged outdoors. Perhaps some fresh air might do her some good, and clear her head. Heavens knew she probably needed it anyway, being cooped up for a week in her bedroom like the–

She stopped, suddenly disgusted with herself. What had she been doing? Hiding away as some kind of recluse, as he had, instead of seeking answers actively? Being self-pitying would get her absolutely nowhere, and if she wanted to become as the Junk Collector had been, she was already well on her way. She kicked at the wood floor in anger and frustration. She wanted to get as far away from that, from Junk Collectors, from what they called the Shadow Six, and even from Kodi and Guy, if they continued to nag her, if all possibleРnot the opposite.

Fueled by this, she remembered her family lake, with the little boat she and Jake had bought the one year they had gone camping out by the woods, to sail out to what they named “Island Tapu,” from a story in an old New Zealand book their father had picked out for them on his many travels. She set her jaw in determination, relaxed her muscles briefly– then took off like a shot off the porch, down a winding path into the nearby woods. And she did not look back.

But if she had, perhaps she would have hesitated more.


Kodi rose relatively early that morning, at eight in the morning. He took his time to just lay there, staring up at the ceiling, fan slowly rotating above him, pondering everything that had transpired. So, he could make things jump to life simply by a swish of his paintbrush, a stroke of his pencil. The thought was both mind-blowing and mortally terrifying at once. He had thought he’d have enough control over his gift to control the spider, so he could train it, but… he shivered, edging down under the covers even more. He hadn’t predicted it to grow so large so quickly, let alone turn against him like that. It was a miracle Guy had gotten there in time. He couldn’t get it out of his mind. The brush stroking the page. The color seeping through. One hairy, behemoth leg slowly peeling itself off the page and onto the floor, large, depth-less inky eyes peering into his soul, mandibles clicking rapidly, threateningly closing in…

Kodi exhaled, trying to calm himself. He knew that that was the least of their concerns, at any rate. Wren was still in major recluse mode, as far as he knew, and it was up to him, and only him, to try to weasel her out of it. No easy feat, for certain. And from what he could tell, while her cutting herself off from the rest of the world was naturally a defensive thing for her to do, in some ways it left her… more open. More vulnerable. Every bit as vulnerable as he’d been to the mini-Shelob he’d summoned. He needed a plan, a course of action, an argument to make her see reason before it was too late. The last thing their small group needed was more complications.

Sighing, he finally clambered out from under his toasty sheets, pulling them along with them as he tiptoed down the hallway. His ears, almost as sharp as his mind, eyes, and memory, detected the old man’s soft snoring across from his room, making him chortle softly under his breath. Next door, Kodi heard Guy mumbling in his sleep. Kodi cracked the door open to see him slouched over his desk, head cushioned by what appeared to be an opened textbook. Tiptoeing inside to see what it was that had kept his adoptive “brother” up half the night, he peered over Guy’s shoulder.¬†Physics, huh… Kodi had heard of physics, but, being in the fourth grade, had never first-hand experienced the “pleasure” of such equations. Yet.

The thought made his artsy-minded brain shudder as he carefully backed out of Guy’s room, and quietly shut the door. Making his way back into his own room, he discarded the blanket and pulled on a jet black hoodie, grabbed his sketchpad, some pencils, erasers and a granola bar on his way out.

He did not regret his decision to squat outdoors to practice right away. It was fairly peaceful out; a subtle percussion of wind chimes accompanied by a lovely chorus of mourning doves, robins, and–


Kodi’s ears pricked at the foreign noise. It sounded like…

His perceptive, dark chocolate eyes rapidly scanned the nearby tree branches. Sure enough, the one across the road, next to their mailbox, had entangled in its grasp a small, helpless feline, mewing helplessly. It looked stuck, limb all splayed out in different directions. Kodi wasted no time, madly sketching out a ladder, and, reaching out, took hold of the wooden ends, which now materialized as he pulled it forth from the pad. As soon as the leader had finished materializing, its image had vanished off the paper. After tucking his pad and drawing equipment into his knapsack and slinging it around his skinny shoulders, Kodi dragged the ladder over to the tree, almost regretting making it twice as tall as he was, if only for the weight’s sake. He leaned against the trunk; it went up just high enough to reach the lower branches. He’d have to stretch a little, but would make it.

Taking a deep breath, he placed a foot on one of the rungs, testing its sturdiness with his weight. To his relief, it seemed safe enough, and with that reassurance, he began climbing. He tested each rung before trusting his weight to it; he might have been a good artist, but he didn’t know how good a BUILDER he was.

“Well, look who it is,” drawled an annoyingly familiar voice. Kodi spun, almost losing his balance, already halfway up. Behind him, low on the ground, were the two kids from the other day– the timid, pretty young girl, who now was looking down steadily, as though embarrassed, and the saucy bully. “Yeah, what’s it to you?” He tried to keep both the ladder and his voice steady.

The bully boy tilted his head, looking up with a sneer across his freckled features. “You know, I always said that little monkeys like yourself were good at climbing,” he said, “But last I checked, don’t monkeys climb TREES… not ladders?” He nudged the girl sharply; she winced. “What do you think, Dusk? Shouldn’t we help the monkey better adapt to his environment?” When she gave no response, he continued, “Fine, if you won’t– I will.”

With that, he drew from his jeans pocket a stick of gum, calmly chewed, then placed the reddish gum wad on the lowest rung. The wad illuminated, much to Kodi’s shock, and, even more so when it suddenly exploded, taking out not just the rung it had been placed on, but the two above it as well. The whole ladder quaked, and Kodi had to fight to keep from plummeting below, scrambling as steadily as possible further up, away from the blast. No way… Is… Is HE some kind of psychopathic Junk Collector, too? But there was no time to really think about that, not when he was only halfway up the ladder. His options were, as he saw it, to either jump and risk breaking a leg, or… Kodi threw a quick glance up at the branches again. The kitten was still there, yet had gone very silent, ears flattened against the explosion’s noise and the hostility radiating from the boy below.

Fortunately, the bully seemed not to notice the poor animal; Kodi hated to think what would have happened if he had.

Grinning, the jerk proceeded to reach for another stick of gum to repeat the process– only to have his hand slapped away by the girl, whom he had called Dusk. “What do you think you’re doing?” Kodi heard the bully hiss as he clamped down roughly on her wrist. “You know that–” “Yes, I know,” the girl responded, cringing at the grip. “But that doesn’t mean…” Her eyes flickered up briefly, towards the tiny, white and gray speckled kitten. This time, the bully followed her gaze. Upon catching her eyes’ target, he laughed bitterly. “Oh, is that all? Your precious little kitty cat? Did you forget what we came here for? Did you forget what he does to–”

“I know,” she half-whispered, face almost hidden by a curtain of shining black hair. “But…”

“Hey, you there,” called out Kodi, interrupting. “Yeah, you. The big orangutan with the baseball cap that’s as backwards as your brain. Leave us both alone; I’m just getting a cat down, anyway. What’s it to you?”

The jerk snorted, then turned to the girl. “See? This is what happens when you can’t look after what you’ve been entrusted with. But don’t worry– you’ve been assigned a partner who can take care of both his own and your mistakes quite easily. Watch carefully. Maybe you’ll actually learn something, for once.” Faster than Kodi could blink, the boy slid another stick of gum down from inside his sleeve, chewed faster than a steam engine’s wheels, and, leaping up, slapped another wad on a rung just a few below Kodi’s feet. This time, Kodi didn’t wait til it started glowing or to test the remaining rungs; he hurried up the rest and lunged for the lowest branches, just above his head.

And none too soon– this blast was larger than even the last, destroying all the remaining rungs. What little remained of the ladder crashed to the ground below loudly, and dissolved into piles of pencil lead while Kodi dangled dangerously, ten feet above ground, holding on for dear life. He decided to take a risk, and, using a swinging momentum, managed to propel him up higher yet, grabbing onto more stable branches while getting jabbed by most. Soon, he too was entangled, and wondered just how similarly the kitten had ensnared itself. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw the girl flinch once more, then look away… but this time, towards her companion. “Twilight?”

“What NOW?” It sounded more like a frustrated snarl than a real question.

“Aren’t we supposed to meet up with Midnight and Dawn sometime soon at that place to discuss…”

“SHHH!!” The boy called Twilight swore, jerking his head up towards Kodi. “Geez, do you want HIM to hear?!”

“I’m sorry… it’s just…” The girl, Dusk, bit into her lip. “Time is of the essence, and I thought it would be best if we started before we got too… held up.”

Twilight– though Kodi somehow doubted that was actually his real name– shook his head. “Alright, FINE. But we aren’t leaving until we at least finish what we’ve started.”

“Which would be what, exactly?” They both turned to face Kodi. “Sorry, couldn’t help overhearing. Kinda hard not to, being well within earshot and all.” Twilight sneered at him. “Funny you ought to mention that… because yeah, it DOES concern you, little monkey.” Turning to Dusk, “Do it. Do it now, before you lose the nerve.” His tone made Kodi stiffen with an unknown kind of fear.¬†Do what?¬†

When Dusk seemed to hesitate again, Twilight growled, “Would you rather¬†I¬†take care of him?”

“No,” she said rather quickly, “Of-of course I’ll do it. I just… Let me get…” She gestured to the kitten, who was mewing pitifully again, and Kodi realized with a jolt that it was hers. Twilight rolled his eyes. “Fine. But be quick about it.” The girl nodded, and, with a little flick of the wrist, she pressed the dark green beads of her bracelet into the tree’s trunk. The whole tree groaned slightly, creaking forward; the kitten yowled, clearly panicking. Kodi didn’t blame it; waves of more shock, more horror, were crowding out all his senses, any rationality he had left standing. One of the tree’s branches, hand-like, gently plucked the small kitten out from its brambles, the way a small, bug-collecting child might pick a beautiful beetle they do not wish to harm out of their hair, and reaching downward, presented the animal to Dusk, who had one arm outstretched. After nestling her pet tightly to her bosom, Twilight called out to her in bored annoyance, “Any day now.”

“R-right.” Turning back to the tree, Dusk pressed her forest-green beaded bracelet even harder into the tree, which now shook and shivered. “Out of the ground, thee has been raised,” she whispered. The branches shriveled, shrinking and curling around Kodi, almost cage-like; the whole tree seemed to tremble in anticipation quite forcefully. “Now to the earth, thou shalt be laid.” With that, and with her concentration, the tree, shaking a bit more violently now, felt as though it were… shrinking?¬†No, not quite,¬†Kodi realized, his heart jumping nearly out of his chest. A large hole had been furrowed out beneath them.

He was going to be buried. Alive.

The tree seemed to take its time, however, rumbling down into the pit, along with him, bit by bit. He frantically tried to climb out, to pry the branches loose– with no success. It was like trying to peel a permanent sticker off a metal wall, but more difficult. He took a chance when he passed her sympathetic eyes, “Don’t do this, please, don’t do this– I was only trying to–”

“Shh… I know,” she said softly. She was kneeling now, since the trunk was so far in, she had to press her special bracelet beads to the ground, instead. Her pretty, dark eyes scanned his face with only mild worry, but a good bit of empathy. “Thank– Thank you. For trying. And… I’m sorry.” The ground was now starting to building up around his “cage”; he was beginning to feel nauseated, claustrophobic. When there was only about a yard-wide hole above his head, he heard her whisper, so inaudibly he almost thought he imagined her saying it, “You know what to do. I know you do. Be… be strong.” And then, louder, while lifting her face to the sky:

“And now, unto the earth’s care– I commit thee!”

The hole slammed shut, and there was instant darkness.


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Character Creating:Part 2

As I sit at BFCAT (Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea, for the uninformed layman), waiting for my Saturday morning chocolate chip and marshmallow custom waffles, rather than bemoan a lack of relationship status on this particular weekend (hey, it’s better than what SOME people do. LOL.)…

Last time, I talked about what makes a character unique while thoroughly contributing to the plot, by using their backgrounds and personalities. While imperative to the story as a whole, it does not wholly make the story, well, the story. And just as that is true, a background, motives, and such like things, are not the only things that contribute to a character and their makeup. Today, I’m going to discuss both contrasting personalities and character flaws.


A flawed set of characters is entirely essential to nearly any good story, I cannot stress this enough. Maybe your character even has it all together on the outside– good looks, a great job, excellent grades, a pretty girlfriend, a seemingly perfect personality– intelligence and compassion blended together in wonderful harmony. This, readers, is a case of the “Too Flawless Character”. Sometimes, we all are guilty in writing these monstrosities into life. They are very flat, no character growth or development– highly unrealistic, in short. To fix this, you simply give them a flaw or two, and neatly blend it into their character, as well as the story. It’s like a stew– you need a bit of everything.

Let’s think for a moment about what kind of flaw we could give our “Too Flawless” character above. Maybe he’s actually a pathological liar, even with the best of intentions, and plays off that he has it better than is actually true. Maybe he’s a tad stuck on himself, and wants to make himself look good by lying and saying he donates to charity, when he really doesn’t have the time in his busy life. Maybe he has a great academic life, and seems like the perfect student, but at home, he’s a different person, and fights with his parents constantly over the most trivial things. See what you can do with just one character?

On the other hand, let’s say you make a character with about equal parts good and bad. This is great, but you might want more contrast– especially if the story demands it. For instance, in my “The Deceiver” blogging story, there’s Wren, who is intelligent and caring, but is at the same time distrustful of strangers and feels highly insecure about herself (but would never admit to it). Under ordinary circumstances, a character like this would most likely be pretty wary of the new character on the block who attempts to befriend her, right? Well, that’s where the contrast comes in. Wren’s in a kind of desperate situation– her two best friends are missing, and she is desperate to find them. Sure, she’s reluctant to break down any boundaries she keeps solidified between her and the rest of the world, but she’s going to have to do SOMETHING if she wants to find her peeps as badly as she does… Which leads to some compromise and thus, the events of the story that follow soon afterwards. That is contrast. Try writing a character that perhaps is full of themselves but maybe still has a soft side, and stick them in a situation that requires them to help someone else, someone that said character might normally consider “lower” than themselves; play around with the idea.

Until we meet again… (BTW, the waffles were quite tasty, for those wondering. ūüėČ )


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