Some of you may have just gotten into this blogging and writing thing, and might even not have any clue where to begin. That’s perfectly alright; we’ve ALL been there at one point or another. God hasn’t created us all for writing purposes, either, you know– some were built for music, others art, some math/technology (those people have my sincere sympathy), and still more sports, science, and so forth. We all have our niche, but the imperative thing is that we are all actively CULTURE CREATORS. What MAKES a culture is what kind of people are in it, and what they do with it. J.R.R. Tolkien even once said that, since we are made in God’s Image, we are sub-creators, and we are to make things for His Glory, out of our love for Him and for others. So why not do just that?writer2

Me, I was built for writing. Yes, I have days where I slip up because I’m too busy to write (sad but true– that’s why I like taking classes like this where I’m REQUIRED to write. That way I have a legitimate excuse.); other days, when I’m tired while writing, you may have noticed that when I’m on a roll (*cough* “The Deceiver” story…*cough*), I tend to make more slip-ups. But you know what? That’s okay. I’m human, I’m fallible like every other human on planet earth (which is often why I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.). I may not be as good a writer as say, Ted Dekker, Stephen King, Leigh Bardugo, or Suzanne Collins, but I’ll get there. EVERY author has to start someplace; the only way to improve is to write more, edit more, ask for second opinions and how you could improve your writing, and so forth. Remember when writing, it is INCREDIBLY unfair to yourself, as a self-respecting author, to compare yourself to well-known and successful authors like the ones listed above. Those authors have had the benefit of experience, trial-and-error, editors, friends reading their works, and YEARS of doing this. You can do it, too, if you’re wired to write. But comparing yourself is NEVER a good idea, ESPECIALLY if a famous author has a different writing style than yours. Yes, it’s good to know how they did that, and might be fun to play around with different styles, but the important thing is to find something that works for YOU. Not everyone is going to write super-detailed, not everyone is going to write super-vague, and NOT everyone is going to write YA fantasy (Although, I think I may or may not do that myself, ironically.). That’s OKAY. There are plenty of other writers with a gift and penchant for writing poetry, non-fiction stories, historical fiction about favorite people/events in the past, you name it. These folks are just as unbelievably talented– and you might be one of them. Try it, and see what floats your boat. The important thing is, just WRITE what makes YOUR HEART DELIGHT. Put in the time and effort. You will be rewarded.writer1

We ALL have things to work on. Me, I’m probably the guiltiest of using run-ons, over-writing (“Nooooo….”) and a good bit of slang when I write, though the latter is typically Internet-exclusive for me. But slang does not look good to professional publishers, so I’m working on minimizing it, at the least. When writing, ask for feedback; read over your own works several times with the constructively critical viewpoint of a professor grading a paper. Ask yourself what grade you’d give yourself. Just mull it over, and see what you think!


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