Hey guys!!

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, and a lovely New Year with friends and family. Also, Happy MLK Jr. Day! 🙂 I apologize again for not blogging sooner, school just kind of took over my life (again…). I just wanted to take some time to update everybody on what’s going on right my blog right now:

  1. I. Am. Getting. Something. Published. Legit, for the first time. Now, granted, there were the two exceptions in both third and sixth grades respectively where we got to each write our own books in class and get them published through a specialty company that published books by grade school children for grade school children (but it was only one copy, the one we took home with us), but that doesn’t really count. And it IS a book that I will be sharing with my fellow students, so we’re each going to have some kind of story in it, but these are not going to be your average, run-of-the-mill stories. These, friends, are going to be epic short stories, probably no more than 5 pages long each– easy but awesome readings. It will actually be available to buy (as in, on the internet), although we’ll be marketing them to our college campus first. (However, when it gets published and out there, you buy a copy, and if we ever meet, I will sign it, if you want. )The next several weeks, I will be blogging (in part) about what it feels to be a writer, hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations I have about this up-and-coming novel, and so forth. Get ready to be “blogged-out” about this, dear readers. 😉
  2. However, just because I am going to be blogging more about this fabulous book does NOT mean I am going to/want to neglect my other responsibilities and writings, as a writer. I am pleased to announce that, yes, I will try my HARDEST (when school isn’t driving me to the absolute breaking point, that is) to post at LEAST one “The Deceiver” chapter once every two weeks, if I’m unable (which most likely will be the case) to post every week. I very much enjoy writing this story, even if I’m tired and haven’t completely edited everything before I post, sometimes (oops. LOL)– and I hope with every fiber of my being you enjoy reading it just as much.

Additionally, I will also be authoring a couple of reviews, specifically on books (my friend got me hooked on yet another series, The Lunar Chronicles.), Rebels, and lastly, my final views on Pokemon Sun and Moon. I hope they give at least some insight to you and where your money should/shouldn’t go, and also give me some reign to fangirl a *tiny* bit.

3. Thirdly, and most importantly, expect my posts to get a touch more interesting, as I have (as of late) finally discovered how to do THIS:


Yep, things just got real. And to quote Mr. Dave Filoni, creator of both SW: The Clone Wars and SW Rebels, “… I’m getting like Palpatine, I’m getting power crazy.” (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/CT-7567)



(OK, sorry for giving you guys nightmares. I couldn’t resist. I’m in a giddy, childlike mood now that I’ve discovered this. You can thank my classmate Jenny, and my advisor, Dr. Dan the Genius Williams, for showing me. 🙂 )

Anyways, so that’s what’s up, so everyone’s not entirely in the dark. One thing’s for sure, though…

The last update is going to make the second and first ones a LOT more fun to write (and probably read).

Until next time, adios!


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