I know You

Have come.


What was it like?


How was it You


Your Glory

and Dignity

To be like one

Of Your own?


What was it like

To see Your own

Up close, to

See things

Almost as they do?

To laugh, to cry,

To celebrate

And further sympathize?


Your own did not

Receive You as

You had come;

In fact, they tried

To kill You

The moment You were born.


What sick logic is this?


You made us, love us, adore

Us, hold us;

And yet,

We reciprocate only

With threats, taunts

Cruelty, and hate.

We shake our fists

At You

Even as You


Patiently respond

And offer warm refuge

Within Your caring arms.


Is this how it ought to be?


Oh, yet You were willing

To demonstrate

The power of love

and have us


The true meaning

Of Your Priceless Gift.






You shook the earth at the end,

Rattled senseless;

Old, fallen sense

Dying away–

New sense in

Its place.


But in the beginning, in now

And forever more,

Your Kingdom Has Finally Come. 



Image Credit: http://jabrikloveschubby.blogspot.com/2013/12/in-potter-hands.html

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