I know it’s Christmas Eve, but this is something I need to get out, constructively, on the page before it rips me to shreds. This has nothing to do with the season, but everything to do with a personal problem. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.



They have

Played me for

A fool.

Understand ME?


I think not.

How can they

Truly understand

When they have lied, deceived,

Albeit with good intent

Or not;

How can they understand

When they

Have been equally

And yet unequivocally


Their soothing, milk-warm


Does not fulfill

Its purpose;

Its cacophony

Sends barbs right

Through my skin,

Thronging and piercing

My very heart.


I bleed.


Do they now understand?

Can they truly when

They have lied

And played

Me just as much?


I am a fool.



Image Credit: http://www.pianostreet.com/smf/index.php?topic=51542.0

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