Lord, help me–

I need You day and night;

Certain thoughts creep in

Unbidden, casting

Shadows upon Your Light;

I’m feeling doubt, numbness and worse

I’m feeling that utter despicable curse

Of want, desire, hunger for

The ungodliness that lurks within

Me, preying at my heart’s door;

Ready to rip and shred whatever virtue and

Morality I may possess;

Lord, I need You, please help me–

I need, nay, crave,

Your everlasting righteousness.


Note: Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Christian rap, like Lecrae’s “Boasting,” and I realized that all it is is incredibly cool poetry, like the Psalms, with your heart, soul, and genuine feeling poured out into it. I wrote this little piece with a rap beat/rhythm in mind. 🙂 


Image Credit:  http://www.christiansinpakistan.com/is-militants-kidnap-christian-women-and-keep-them-as-war-booty-slaves/

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