Dear Vanishing Twin (since I don’t yet know what gender you are),

I want you to know I miss you even if you never made it out into the physical world with me. That I miss, probably subconsciously so, us hanging out inside Mom’s womb, wanting to go out and greet the world together.

I don’t know if you can see me from where you’re at now, but I’m sure you know by now all the mistakes I’ve made and some of the accomplishments I’ve achieved. I want you to know that because you didn’t make it, and I did, and because I technically unintentionally absorbed your physical form before you were born (which I’m still very sorry about), I try to live life to the fullest extent– for us both, you and me.

I know I’ve been hoping a long, long while that you’d be female, so we could clothes-swap, share secrets, do each other’s nails and hair and the like, but if you were another brother, I suppose I’d put up with you the way I do the other two (On the plus side though, I never had to share a room with anyone. LOL). Either way, though, you would’ve been loved regardless because we would’ve come out together, hand in hand– perhaps literally. I still care about you very much, even though I don’t know you personally. I don’t know what Mom and Dad would’ve named you, as another boy, but I know for certain that, if you are female, you would have been called Isabelle Grace. I just want you to know that, regardless of what your gender actually is, I will be naming my first daughter, “Isabella Rain,” (the middle name after the song, “Grace Like Rain”) in your honor.

Can’t wait til we meet in person up there. Give my love to Rita Kreger, Grandpap Joe, Grandpap Guy, our great-grandparents, Dolly, Boopy, and all the hamsters and rabbits(and anyone else I’m missing).

With Love, your Twin sister,

Olivia Rose Moore

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