Who doesn’t love the Disney-Pixar trilogy of Toy Story? Whether it’s dramatic rescues, subtle slips of adult humor, friendships and bonding (not to mention occasional budding romances between some of the characters– I totally ship Buzz-Jessie, and Woody-Bo), it’s near-impossible NOT to love it.

One thing that has stood out to many in the audience, including myself, is how uniquely the story’s told, from the viewpoint of TOYS. You get to see what they’re up to when you’re not around (admit it– you too have been tempted to fix a cam recorder to your room’s ceiling so you could try to catch yours in the act, too), get to see what it’s like to be played with (whether roughly or gently), get to see what it’s like when toys get envious over that brand-new toy’s arrival from Toys R Us (or Al’s Toy Barn).

You also get to see a recurring, very prevalent fear of theirs, featured in not just one but ALL three films: A fear of getting thrown out, tossed to the side.

In Toy Story 3, this very nearly becomes their reality at several points in the plotline… boxing up the toys and spending years not even getting them out, let alone playing with them, almost getting trashed–literally– twice, and at one point Ham the piggybank flat-out says to the others, “All right, let’s see how much we’re going for on eBay.”

That got me thinking, though… on a spiritual level. A more serious level. Sure, Toy Story is great, but it’s fiction, and toys, sadly, do not actually come to life. However, God is very much, in some ways, like those toys. He rescues us when we’re in peril. He gets genuinely angry when we place a higher value on another thing or person other than Him (which, unlike the T.S. plot, is a good thing!). And although He doesn’t fear abandonment, He is still often left out. Forgotten.

Out of curiosity, let me ask you… have YOU had a one-on-one with Him today, outside of Church? A heart-to-heart about your life, fears, dreams, and thanks for all He’s done for you? For giving His Own Life for you?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t discount the One Who made you, and Who loves you very, very deeply. Don’t shove Him into that old box/Church building when you think you’re done with Him. Don’t stuff Him in a musty old attic; you cannot confine Him.He is everywhere, sees everything, yet, like those toys, longs for our interaction, affection, and, unlike the toys, our worship.

If we give Him that much, our entire devotion, He is infinitely MORE than willing to reciprocate that… TEN FOLD!

So what are you waiting for? Make a “playdate” with Him… today.


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