(This is in honor of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary. 🙂 )

“Thunder crackles, strikes down from the sky

to attack the opponent, flying up high.

The opponent evades, count’ring with

a Slash of Air, a very near miss.


Next, a bladed leaf

slices through our opponent’s sheath,

leaving them open,

this one’s outcome leaves the foe mopin’.


The third starts within a mire;

my partner recoils, as it is fire.

The opponent shoots a gush of mud,

and my partner lands with a THUD.


Last, a foe of tremendous power

who grows in strength by the hour;

my nerves are slack, my faith is gone,

I do not have the ability to carry on.


But my partners gaze upon me,

wond’rous smiles I see,

then I spy what makes them grin,

the Victory that lies within

the rough, rocky edges of the precipice;

I need to stop so I can just pace

and think about a strategy

but also, what it’s about:


My partners and me.”


Artwork credit: http://serpentsshipmate.deviantart.com/art/Mt-Silver-159591759



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