OK, before I get on a roll with this article, I’m gonna put a major disclaimer out there, for those who haven’t watched S.W. Rebels: Season 2 :


Alrighty then, onto business…After watching Season 1, I wrote up my little review on it, thinking that all the future adventures were going to revolve around Lothal, but I was wrong. Very wrong. Sure, Lothal plays a key role in the series, but it gets a bit better in Season 2 (but sadly, no, that does not compensate for somewhat lousier animation and a still kinda watered down plotline): we have more Inquisitors, a kidnapping, and yes, even an assassination. The Lothal rebels learn there’s more than just them fighting the Empire, and join in on the bigger fight, even visiting other planets, like most main characters in S.W. do. And then, there’re my personal favorite parts: Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano. The older, now early thirties, Ahsoka Tano (she was 16 at the end of The Clone Wars.).

As anyone who has watched The Clone Wars knows, Anakin Skywalker did, in fact, have a Padawan apprentice, Ahsoka, a young Togruta. She and her master had been through everything, thick and thin, before she eventually left due to her being accused of a terrible crime she did not commit. Although the true culprit, her former friend Barriss Offee, was found guilty and sentenced, the lack of trust and moral corruption in the Order convinced Tano to leave, for good. (This, in turn, caused her to avoid Order 66, saving her life.) Yet, in spite of this, as Rebels has shown repeatedly, she does in a way still consider herself a Jedi. She now wields twin white lightsabers, rather than her old emerald ones, and, when it’s revealed that the Inquisitors are after something important, she pulls Kanaan aside to talk with him about it, saying, “It’s a Jedi matter,” indicating she still quite possibly thinks of herself in that light.

It is rather cruelly ironic that while both Anakin and Tano fell away from the Jedi Order on their own terms, Tano continues to fight for the Light Side of the Force, siding with the Rebels as a vital leader in the rebellion, and convincing her old friend and former clone trooper, Captain Rex, to join them; Skywalker, on the other hand, becomes wayward and is warped by the Dark Side of the Force, transforming into Darth Vader. Which brings me to another imperative point: Tano discovering Vader’s true identity, and he, hers. At first, she was simply told by Kanaan and Ezra that Vader was an incredibly powerful Sith lord, and to have had a feeling of “coldness” around his persona, but they knew not of whom he was. Later, using the Force together with Kanaan, Tano managed to unmask Vader’s real identity, screaming out, “No!” in shock and horror, before passing out on the floor. She later gently denies knowing who he really is to the crew of The Ghost,  much to their consternation.

On Vader’s end, when he feels Tano and Kanaan searching through the Force to unmask him, he likewise senses Tano’s presence, and shockingly, instead of telling his fighter pilots to shoot for the kill, only orders them to cut them off then capture them, to take her alive. It is quite possible he still feels some sort of connection with her, despite them being on opposing sides, since they both left the Jedi Order and were still good friends. He informs Darth Hideous of these new developments, and the latter encourages Vader’s hunting her out, believing it will draw out more Jedi that they can squash.

These newfound (and bound to happen sometime) developments intrigue me and give me renewed hope that, despite some doubt, Rebels COULD turn into something BIG. Yet, the newer eps give me plenty of expected anticipation, and some questions, that desperately need answering:

What WAS Ahsoka doing in the time gap between the Clone Wars and Rebels? Seriously, what was she up to? Did she know about Order 66, and try to rescue any unfortunate Jedi? Did she continue her Jedi training elsewhere, under a new master? How did she learn about the Rebellion, and eventually join them? And HOW did she get those WHITE lightsabers???

Is Ahsoka in contact with Bail Organa still? Or Yoda? What about Obi-Wan? The obvious question for any Obi-Wan Kenobi fan, such as myself. (XD)

Does Darth Vader wish to destroy Ahsoka… or turn her? In A New Hope,  Vader learns of Luke’s ID, as his own son, his own flesh and blood, and becomes obsessed with finding him and trying to convert him to the Dark Side. In Ahsoka’s case, we see many striking parallels. Both times, Vader purposely sought out Luke and Ahsoka, people supposedly close to his blackened heart. Both times, he wanted to hinder them in their objectives, then capture them, alive. And both times, he contacted his master, Darth Hideous, on the matter (though the latter had differing reactions to both cases; he encouraged Ahsoka’s capture as it could lead to more possible Jedi, and, in Luke’s case, he saw a powerful, potential ally.). Really, it is so scary how much alike these two incidents are. Yet we don’t know if someone like Ahsoka will be turned (at least, think she won’t), but there’s also the possibility she won’t turn, but at the cost of her life– perhaps why we don’t see her in the original S.W. movies?  We may never know til Season 3 comes out (I’m banking on the Rebels director(s) loving to keep us older fans chomping at the bit in anticipation).

Will Ahsoka and Vader ever meet again? Honestly, I don’t know why I’m bothering to ask this, because I kind of feel like it’ll be an inevitable and resounding, “yes”. Due to insanely popular fan demand.

Ahsoka has been a key player in S.W.  since The Clone Wars, and I don’t doubt that she’ll make at least a few more appearances in Season 3 of Rebels. I just hope and pray with all my might that these questions, and so many other important ones, won’t be replied to with lukewarm answers, leaving us hankering for better quality ones. I myself would be satisfied if they just swung into full S.W. mode and left all the sugarcoated, kid-friendly animations to shows like The Winx Club and Cubix. I just need to see the characters on adventurous, planet-hopping missions, connecting with one another in meaningful ways, and challenging villains. Throw in some more complexities, and THAT’S what I’d call true-blue S.W. My fellow fans, we mustn’t throw in the towel on Rebels, not yet…. remember, if Disney hasn’t warped it to the degree that it’s suddenly become a musical, there’s still “a new hope”. 😉


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