It all started out online,

at first, everything seemed just fine.

A bond developed, just he and I,

but there was more to it than met the eye.

He confessed to being unsaved,

but ’twas too late, the road to my heart was already paved.


I told him that it wouldn’t work out,

so he in anguish took my suggested route;

He found another special someone in his land,

another, prettier girl to take by the hand.

Hurt lingered in my heart

But instead I tried a new start.

Befriending his girlfriend was a help,

though I still needed privacy for a hurt yelp;

Heartache and depression closed in on me

and I realized I needed more than to just grieve.


I leaned on God to heal,

He taught me my heart wasn’t just anyone’s to steal;

To wait, to be patient, to cherish

every moment of our friendship before I physically perish.

So, upon taking His sage advice

I decided it would be best and nice

to keep our friendship platonic,

like a balming, soothing tonic.


There are still obstacles in love, true,

but in my heart, I know that Jesus will always pull through.


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