Christmas lights. Whether they’re on a tree or off it, there’s always something particularly special about them, isn’t there? Something almost… magical, dare I use that word. (LOL)

Earlier today, as the sun beamed in through the window in our basement den and onto the tree, the lights didn’t seem to be doing their job as effectively; the “magic” was gone. So, naturally, I closed the curtains, and they regained their full glory. That reminded me of something. That reminded me as us, as Christians. God calls us to be a light in a dark, scary world. It may seem hopeless, or even terrifying. But light isn’t as effective if placed in an already well-lit room. And remember something: A single candle can light up a whole room. An entire town, an entire city, even, can be seen from MILES away at night because its light, from all those buildings, is brilliantly glowing, unabashedly for all to see. Now think about it for a second. What if we Christians were like that? What if we showed Christ through our actions, through a kind, encouraging word to a friend?

This Christmas, and all year round, I’ve a challenge for all of you out there: light your world around you. Shine Christ’s Light, God’s Holy Spirit, as much as you possibly can. When you meet up with, and work together with, your Light will only grow brighter, and stronger– and more people will be liable to see it. Yes, we are still human, and as such no fallible human should expect any other fallible to be perfect. We are all in need, desperate need, of God’s Grace, His love, and His Light.

So be the Light, for God, His Glory, and others, in this dark and desolate world. Because everyone needs it now more than ever.

May God’s peace and loving kindness be with you this wonderful season. Have a blessed and merry Christmas!! 🙂

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