Fighter planes. New worlds. Old worlds. New characters. Old favorite characters. Robots, cute, menacing, and sometimes (in ThreePi-O’s case) annoying. And let’s not forget the glorious soundtrack, lightsabers, and the ever-present “Pew-Pew-PEW!!” Ah, Star Wars. Since the announcement and trailers of movie 7 have come out into the light, via Disney (BTW, if Disney makes it into some kind of musical, they are almost guaranteed an angry mob of Star Wars geeks, with torches, gathered together to raid/trash their studios. That’s all I’m saying to the money-makers of Disney– fair warning.), and with it, much fan speculation. Will it stay true to the story thus far? How did Finn (one of the new characters) get ahold of Anakin’s lightsaber? Did Leia give it to him? Who is Rey, and whose body is she crying over in that one scene? 

And finally, the key question that I’m gonna focus on in this article:

Who is Kylo Ren?

Due to the one theory in particular that’s been floating around the Internet, currently unconfirmed, as The Force Awakens isn’t out quite yet, I decided to write this article in response. You see…. there has been great speculation that, in fact, Luke Skywalker has turned to the Dark Side of the Force and became the newest antagonist to the series, Kylo Ren, a mysterious and rather foreboding Darth Vader wannabe. The reason for the speculation, at this point in time, has likely been narrowed down to one main point in the trailer: Ren is in possession of Darth Vader’s old, burnt-up helmet, and is conversing with it as though his idol’s still well and alive. While the scene itself naturally brings to us little shivers, it causes many to wonder: How did Ren get a hold of the helmet, if Luke and co. were the only ones to have access to it? Good question, and the popular (currently) answer is that Ren= Luke. Though we won’t find out the actual deal of why Ren has Vader’s old headgear in the first place til the actual movie comes out, it’s a theory well worth digging at a bit more. Because personally, I’d like to challenge and dig at “Luke’s” turn a bit more.

First off, many people think that since we don’t outright SEE Luke in the trailer, that automatically means he’s Ren or something. In actuality though, we DO get a glimpse of Luke, albeit obscured in a JEDI robe, stroking R2-D2 with his robotic hand gently. Not a Sith robe, like Kylo Ren’s, but a dark brown JEDI robe. The arm and hand that pet Artoo are not totally metal-gloved, like Ren’s; in fact, we see Luke’s arm being clothed in similar material to Jedi garb, not Sith garb– and the only metal thing on the limb is the robotic hand that Luke had to use to replace the one D.V. famously sliced off.

Secondly, I assure you, that the actor who portrays Ren does not at all resemble Mark Hamill. Different body structure, different face, different, well, everything. This isn’t to say that if, say, they decided to make them the same character, that Luke would go missing, off on his double-life missions, that they couldn’t use the same actor eventually; I’m just saying that, with the actor difference, it makes it pretty unlikely (in my viewpoint, anyhow.).

Now, a lot of you might be out there thinking, “Wait, wait, wait, then if that’s true, then tell us– how does Ren get the helmet?” A number of ways, my friend. He could’ve stolen it, or hired someone else to. He could really be a close family member or friend of Luke’s in disguise (think like if Han and Leia had kids, and one of them grew up, became a Jedi, then fell to the Dark Side. Hey, you know what, that sounds a TON like fictional Darth Caedus from the Star Wars book series. Plus, someone like that WOULD most likely have access to something like Vader’s helmet.). Another thing to consider is that Luke possibly took on a pupil, a Jedi Padawan, who fell, because while the one trailer is playing, he is talking about how many people he knows are experienced with the Force, including himself, Leia, and the person he’s talking with– very likely another Jedi, perhaps a Padawan learner? On the other hand, he could be addressing new character Finn, who recently seemed to abandon his stormtrooper ideology and past, leaving it all behind to take up his role in a new Rebellion, as a Jedi (we see him with Anakin’s famous blue lightsaber in several different scenes). But then, all of this is just one Star Wars geekette’s opinion, and we will never truly get some answers until The Force Awakens hits theaters.


Feel free to leave your own comments and ideas of what you think of both this theory and my theory. I welcome constructive ideas/feedback. Blessings upon you all, may God’s Holy Spirit be with you. 🙂


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