So, this is my very first time, ever, blogging. I’m a little nervous, needlesstosay, after several of my lengthy, powerfully worded but sometimes highly controversial posts on Facebook got a bit of negative feedback (though the majority was indeed positive and encouraging.). But I’ve always loved journaling, and writing in general, and have always wanted to try my hand at blogging. So here goes…

(Before I start in on anything deep about life, faith, or geek stuff, I’m going to put this out there. Yes, for those who are concerned, I sometimes put out “outdated,” highly politically INCORRECT or controversial opinions– I’ve been told I’m extremely blunt and opinionated, among other things– but that does not mean I will shun you, bite your head off or anything like that, if your worldview is different than mine. Sometimes I will call out things that I know/see to be obvious lies, and it genuinely grieves me to see people sometimes believing lies, but I am in general big on “love the sinner, hate the sin,” kinda deal. Most folks who know me, and I mean REALLY know me, will tell you I’m generally pretty friendly, occasionally a bit ditsy, caring, albeit sometimes passionate. But really… I promise I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well…. unless it was maybe a horsefly. 😉 )

As my “about me” stated, I’m a pro-life Christian (which, in itself, can be a touchy subject. But that’s another debate for another time.), who’s a major geek and fangirl with multiple fandoms. I’ve never written even fanfic before, but it looks like fun, and after a while, I might try my hand at something like that, too.

I am a  big fan of Star Wars, Pokemon Adventures/Special (and the main series games), The Hunger Games, Divergent, sometimes Harry Potter, and various other mini-fandoms that don’t really count for much (Roald Dahl’s children books, for instance. Super pumped for The BFG this summer, it looks like they might stay pretty true to the book. 🙂 ). I have never cosplayed before, but am about to try (as a female Jedi with a purple lightsaber) when The Force Awakens comes out, as it looks like a lot of fun. Wish me luck! 

I’m a country gal, grew up in the country most of my life. Not a big-city girl type of person at all. Now, before you think of all those country stereotypes… No, I do not own cowgirl clothing, unless ankle- booties count. (LOL) I actually normally can’t really stand country music (ironically, my kid bro, Isaac, adores country music and is a typical “hick from the sticks”), and am a HUGE K-LOVE and Air1 listener. I particularly love Christian hip-hop, pop, rap, and dance music, though I love a great many inspirational Christian songs, too. When I’m not listening to any of that, I’m usually found listening to either GlitchxCity (though I don’t always approve of/like her picture choices for her music videos) or Spyro: YoTD soundtrack on YouTube.(Fun Fact: IK my Christian artists a LOT better than I do my secular ones! XD)

I’ve been on both sides of the coin when it comes to education: I’ve been public-schooled literally over half my life, from grades pre-K to 7th, then 8th to 12th I home schooled. (Don’t ask; it’s complicated.) I am currently attending an in-state small Christian college as a sophomore; did my freshman year at a community college to get most of my general education classes done. I am currently a Writing Major with a Minor in Spanish.

My hobbies and interests, other than writing, include: private dancing/singing, practicing Taekwondo (currently a first dan black belt– Taekwondo counted as “gym” while we were homeschooled 🙂 ), watching old/fave movies and TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, sometimes daydreaming, fangirling over my fandoms when exciting news about them comes out, gaming (normally Pokemon, but at times Nintendogs XD),and occasionally reading. Oh yeah, I’m a big fan of fantasy, action/adventure type literary and movie genres, forgot to mention that. Can’t stand horror, though I do appreciate a good deal of suspense. 🙂 Other than the aforementioned authors of listed fandoms, I’m also a huge fan of Ted Dekker, Lynn Austin, and Ginger Garrett.

Feel free to tell me a bit about yourself; I’d love to get to know you. 🙂

Til next time, see ya!



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