The feast lays

On the open road

Ripe for the



They lay out

My grandma’s things



Earrings and jewelry and

Bright rings


The birds circle

Ominously in the


With hopes that

Their meal

Will soon be



I watch as

The cars pull in,

Five, no ten, no

A dozen now

Exchanging talk

And grins

About how

Lucky they were

To have

Driven by.


The birds descend slowly, bit

By bit

Wishing to prolong

The taste of


Not getting it over with;

One keeps a lookout

As the others

Gulp and munch

Raising their beaks,


In they plunge


People swarm

Like a multitude

Of ants

Taking what they will

Because no one’s

Told them,

“You can’t.”

They feast their


Upon antique loot

The question of

What belong’d to whom

Is not a matter

Of moot.


Finished with the

Roadkill feast,

The birds take flight

Leaving not

A single scrap of


For another who




The bareboned



Gleaming like sinew

All gone,

Antiques and curios,

Old and new.

The shoppers’ appetites

Have been appeased,

As they drive off whistl’ng,


I am satisfied

The Least.


Vulture or man–

What is the difference?

Crow or the cowardly–

Do they dare come

By hourly

To steal from the


Who cares if

The owner is dead

If you can


A great deal?



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Poem Parodies: Wobble (“Rebel”) by Family Force 5

Author’s Note: This is coming together as I have foreseen…



Lemme see ya REBEL!



We-ah the Ghost, we be gettin’ some wings

Hard at working blastin’ thingamajigs

We a part of somethin’ you ain’t never seen before

We the rebels, let us tell ya some more, 

Blast em, lightsab’r, blast em, lightsab’r, blast em together

Today’s class is Rebellion and Imma professor

Pop quiz for the kids, can you do this?

Watch close now, we’ll show ya how:

Dip, dip, swerve, s-s-swerve below,

Gotta, gotta, stay low-p-p-pro,

Ready, r-ready, r-ready to meddle?

Look a’tcha now,

Lemme see ya REBEL!


Rebel your guns,

Rebel your ships,

Swing your lightsab’r with lil motion in ya hips

Rebel, rebel,

Re-bel, rebel, re-bel, 

Rebel, rebel, rebel, rebel, 

Lemme see ya REBEL!


R-E-bb-B-E (that’s right)

Lemme see, lemme see

Double L-I-O-N,

The Imps are here, and we rebel scum!


Crack a half-smile like Grand Adm’ral Thrawn,

War’s bout over, it won’t be long-a,

So loosen up the helmets, troopers, party all night,

Party all night, Rebel it all night,

You gon’ get in, you gon’ get in trouble 

You gon’ get in trouble if Darth sees you rebel, 

Yeah, make, make a mess on Lothal

We-ah goin’ hard or we not goin’ at all


Ready, r-ready, r-ready to meddle?

Look a’tcha now,

Lemme see ya REBEL!


Rebel your guns,

Rebel your ships,

Swing your lightsab’r with lil motion in ya hips

Rebel, rebel,

Re-bel, rebel, re-bel, 

Rebel, rebel, rebel, rebel, 

Lemme see ya REBEL! (2x’s)


R-E-bb-B-E (that’s right)

Lemme see, lemme see

Double L-I-O-N,

The Imps are here, let’s have some fun!



Lemme see you, lemme see you rebel

Lemme see you, lemme see you, lemme see you REBEL! 


Rebel your guns,

Rebel your ships,

Swing your lightsab’r with lil motion in ya hips

Rebel, rebel,

Re-bel, rebel, re-bel, 

Rebel, rebel, rebel, rebel, 

Lemme see ya REBEL! (2x’s)


Lemme see ya, lemme see ya, lemme see ya REBEL!



Note: All original characters, names, song titles and copyrights belong to Family Force 5 and their music company, Disney, Lucasfilm, George Lucas and Dave Filoni, I OWN NOTHING

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Black-Furr’d Angel

You used to greet

Me with bright, warm


Tail wagging with



Or even


Your friendl’ness


Our happy little


You would take

Time to see even

A stranger, to

Greet her.


You were an enthusiast

In all you did,

Running around,


Or with Daisy you hid;

Eager to please,

But eager for


You were so


Rarely changing your



You loved the


Unless you had to


You’d get lost in the


Just to splash and


Thank God you had

Daisy to help–

I didn’t think you’d find

The way back, yourself.


You were a Momma’s girl,

No doubt in my


When she was not


You’d fuss and whine;

You never miss’d a


To show her you


Even when your condition

Left you



As you grew older,

Your bump grew


You struggl’d to

Lift your


Off of the floor–

Dragging your

Legs, brushing the


Hips, fighting to


I knew it was


To send you,

Albeit with

Dampened eyes.


As we pulled in, I saw

A Bed




From your dish;

A bucket half-full–

How I knew you saw

The world.

I hold the glass vial

In my warm palm,

After all these


It’s hard to realize–

You’re Gone.



Author’s Note: While some may have yet to see as I do, and futilely persist in arguing against me, poetry, writing, and yes, private tears, tend to be how I grieve the most. Ironically, one of the three I want no one to see (lest I bother, inconvenience, or otherwise manage to provide them with a state of discomfort), the other two I don’t mind the world seeing. It is a well-established fact that on my blog, when a loved one near to me dies, person or animal, I can and I WILL pen them a poem in their honor and in their memory. This is especially important to me as a Christian, because while I know I’ll see fellow believers, such as my grandmother, again in the next life, Scripture is a lot more silent on the topic of animal deaths. Thus, when they die in this life, I will grieve twice as hard for them, as I may not see them in the next life. Grieving with writing is an invaluable outlet, and not only proves therapeutic to myself (and hopefully to others who struggling with losing a loved pet or loved one in general), but that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” 

This particular loved one was my black lab, Rosey, who suffered severe arthritis, at least one form of cancer, struggled to breathe and even move– but she never tried to show she was in pain. She was always trying to be cheery, with her eyes bright, and a friendly, wagging tail, even while she limped badly to greet you. She was not the sharpest tool in the garden shed (appropriate analogy; all our dogs loved digging in Mom’s flower beds in “unnoticeable” places, so they could lie down comfortably), but she was remarkably sweet. She would always nudge and gently rub her face against my leg to show love and care. She’d bury her face in my lap when she felt she needed comfort or consolation. She loved messing around, playing with, or just annoying my mom; in fact, in her better years, she’d willingly jump onto Mom’s bed first thing in the morn to wake her and have a serious snuggle fest (I posted 1-2 of these vids previously on Facebook)… It was always the highlight of her day, you could tell. And while she loved us all, she absolutely ADORED Mom– she seemed to instinctively know that Mom originally picked her out, saving her from the #PoundLife. Mom may partly deny it, but I think she’ll be one of the ones to miss Rosey the most. 

Life Update and Cool Pandemic Project List!

Hello, everyone! Yes, I have returned… from an increasingly long– and rather unexpected– sabbatical. There are a few reasons for it, but I’ll spare you most; one is I’ve gone through a bit of an existential crisis lately, in part about my personality (I learned I’m actually INFP, not INFJ– thus, I will be discontinuing my MBTI series for now, as I do not consider myself qualified or experienced enough to “type” others, if I cannot even type myself properly).

This pandemic has actually changed little for me, with the three exceptions of store runs with and without my brother, no Church (sad but true), and no gym (which I’m quickly remedying). Since I do have extra spare time, though, I naturally decided to write more. Besides, didn’t Shakespeare compose two of his plays when he was secluded to the countryside during HIS pandemic?? You may as well be productive with your new free time! And it helps greatly that I’m on a GENUINE social media fast from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Lent; it lets me concentrate on other, better things other than how many likes this post got, or if so-and-so DMed me back. It’s decreased my anxiety in that area, in some ways.

My only grievance with this is, I can’t share some of the cool stuff I’ve been doing/ plan to do during this plague season, to make the most of things. I actually have a nice little list of projects I’m planning on completing/mostly completing during the next several months, since this is supposed to last until at least Aug-Nov. ’20. Feel free to take a peek, get inspired, or choose to do something similar to my idea! So turn off Netflix, Hulu, Dis+, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Starz, or any other streaming service, and get ready for…

Olivia’s Pandemic Projects:

  1. Learn a new language. So, fun fact: both Rosetta Stone and Duolingo have FREE apps in the App stores. Even if you aren’t in school anymore, now is the perfect time to brush up on the rusty Espanol, learn a new language you’ve always wanted to try, or simply stimulate brain cells/improve your memory.
  2.  Start or finish that rough draft of your book. Forget regular writing sprints; this thing is the ULTIMATE Nanowrimo for all you fellow writers out there. Now’s your chance to pounce on that manuscript, when you can! (It may be tougher if you’ve children, especially small children. I recommend making a schedule so they know when NOT to bother Mommy/Daddy, and set a timer.) Mind, not everyone was created to be a novelist (obviously, but many forget that), but if you research, there are different forms of storytelling– short story anthologies, poetry, plays, popcorn-record stories, and so much more. Have fun with it!
  3.  Brush up and polish your portfolio and resume, then get a remote job. Looking for work but having a tough time finding it? You’re not alone. Depending on your career path, if you’re looking for something more in the liberal arts, you’ll need a portfolio displaying your best work (I was never really told this in school). Don’t have professional experience? Put in your best school papers, photographs, digital artwork, etc, to show off your skill a bit, depending on what your specific interest is in (writing projects for writer, photographs for photographer, etc). Something’s better than nothing. Otherwise, it may not hurt to look at your resume, and think about what you could touch up. About what skills you have and could add, that could benefit any job– both personal skills (hardworking, team player) and transferable experience (“experienced in such-and-such computer program”).
  4.  Make a custom, “I Survived Quarantine Era 2020” shirt! Inspired by a professor friend of mine , I decided I’m going to make one of these based off what he told me in an email, when I checked in to ensure he and his family were doing ok: “Keep Calm and Carry a Tomahawk.” That’s going to be on the front (which will of course also include an insignia featuring tomahawks and possibly a very unique artwork– stay tuned, friends), and on the back it will read, “– Dr. Dan Williams, Quarantine Era, 2020.” But don’t just look over our shoulders; be creative and go bonkers finding a unique idea, like, “I Survived the COVID-19 and All I Got Was This T-Shirt,” if you’re feeling light-hearted after all this, or find a COVID pick-up line (another friend gave me several that I was howling over… God knows we could use a good laugh during these times). Buy a plain shirt from WalMart, Amazon, or another store, and get some high-quality iron-on transfer sheets!
  5.  Be crafty. No, literally. I’m going to be drawing and painting more in this time– partly fanart. Additionally, for those unaware, my bedroom is fairly small, and since I love books (but am low on shelf-space), I thought of a creative idea a while back– book crates! Since I used to work at Lowes’, I used my discount code (for current employees only) to buy aesthetic pine wood crates, along with specific stainer (you want to make sure it goes with the room furniture, after all), and went to work. (warning: they may need a few days to sit out and dry, so make sure you do it on a set of days where there’s no rain or snow. If you have a workshop to set them in to dry, that works, too. You may need to stain each a few times to get your desired color–it took me 2-3 stains per crate, and I had to wait patiently for each layer to dry before putting the next on) Since they’re nice and stackable, I managed an interesting but pleasing aesthetic on top of my desk– and I could fit an average of 9-14 books in each one! (size pending, of course) I’m planning to get a few more, since it was a massive success, and maybe even mount one crate up on my wall!
  6.  Add to, create, or tackle the rest of your TBR! TBR, or To Be Read list, is qualified to be a month-long #readathon , under these circumstances. So don’t be afraid to try new genres, new books, and even slow books– if you’re under quarantine, and have nothing better to do this weekend, why rush it? Take time to savor the slower ones. Personally, I strive for 2-3 books per week, but if you’re feeling ambitious, you could do 5-7 per week, a book a day. Some books are shorter than others, so you could even get away with that. Not as into reading, but want to get away from your TV or computer screen a bit? Try an audiobook– it’s like a movie, but you’re picturing the characters, scenery, etc in your head as they talk and as the book plays out. It helps build your imagination, and some audiobooks even have sound effects! My personal fave, currently (being a Star Wars nerd and all) is the series Star Wars: Thrawn. I became hooked on his character after watching Rebels, and have since become obsessed after almost completing the first book in the canonical series… but more on him later. Adding in with the art thing, I like to draw while I listen– it gives my hands something to do while listening so I’m not restless, and don’t feel unproductive– and for book 2 I plan on doing some engraving scratch art that I got into doing when I was homeschooled. You could even fold laundry or wash dishes while listening!
  7.  Bible Studies and Theology Podcasts.  Sure, churches may be closed everywhere, but that hardly means the Church herself is closed. On the contrary, many Church members, pastors, and priests still hold Bible studies and Zoom conversations about Scripture and theology. Some podcasts are great for that, too, but be discerning in which ones you pick, and make sure the content is actually Biblical. Don’t have a church nearby that’s doing a study or anything similar? If you’re a Christian woman looking for help in this area, I highly recommend Phylicia Masonheimer; she has a ton of resources tailored to specific Scriptural needs, and even if you just want to kickstart a Scripture study (or if you’re not a girl, LOL), I still think she would be a great resource to have. She studies it deeply and within its original context, and helps us understand that it’s about GOD, not US, so it’s not misinterpreted, which I personally find extremely helpful. Use the time you’ve been given to drawn close to God, to Yahweh, and in return, He’ll grow closer to you– and it will drive out fear. Come and let your spirit be refreshed by His.
  8.  Exercise! Make sure you’re not just taking mental, emotional, and spiritual health seriously, but your physical health, too. Jumping jacks, a treadmill, the elliptical, sit-ups, push-ups, etc can all help if you can’t get outside to workout (I know many of your are secluded in apartments). Try Wii Fit Plus, or a dancing game, if you have a Wii. If you’re able, go online and see if you can find a class that you can work out with via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or any other videochatting app. My martial arts teacher is tag-teaming with several sister martial arts schools and Zoom, so we can workout for free whenever in the week (usually evenings).
  9.  Lastly, if you’re more theoretical, exercise that part of your brain. Now, I know not everyone is like this (disclaimer), but if you’re theoretical or striving to be, I highly encourage you to build on this quality, to practice small anticipations, intellectual guesses, and general theorizing. If you want to start small or do it for fun (especially if you’re not super theoretical to begin with), start with your favorite TV show, video game story, or book series, but beware of potentially spoiling it for yourself. 😉 (It does happen!) I’ll be writing an article on this sometime this weekend, if you’re newer to it. But for us naturally theoretical/philosophical types, it’s actually fun! When I used to get bored sitting sentinel at the register in Outdoor Lawn and Garden for hours, waiting for someone, anyone non-rude, to check out, I’d keep myself preoccupied by either making a TBR list, talking to the loaders, or theorizing deeply about what could happen next in one of my favorite shows, The Dragon Prince (PC junk nonwithstanding). I’d theorize for HOURS on end if I had nothing better to do with my time, analyzing stuff that already happened, speculating deeply on minor clues dropped in the show, and dissecting character motivations. To avoid making specification errors, I focused more on making general theories. I anxiously awaited the release of season 3 in the meantime, and when it came out, guess what? 75% of my theories were RIGHT, in one way or another, and came to pass in the season! That, my friends, is the power of theorization! (Disclaimer: You want to keep in mind that theories are not always solid gold, so take it with a grain of salt, and remember some tend to be more like Fool’s Gold, Pyrite– it may look golden, but it’s not the real deal. Remember to back theories with solid FACTS that are PROVEN to be true– this will make them more credible.)


Do you have plans for how to spend the extra free time in quaratine? Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? Shout out below!

Aaravos Knows

In honor of “The Dragon Prince” Aaravos Week…


Aaravos knows

The ways of the Stars,

At the heart of Xadia–

Things aren’t what they




Aaravos knows

That they have come

To lock him


For the things he

Had done.


Aaravos knows

The power of the


Will keep the world


From him, out there.

(He also knows,

‘Twill be not

For long–

For soon elves’


Shall prove quite wrong.)


Aaravos knows

The power of the


How does it work,

Could it help

Him flee?


Aaravos knows

One on the other


Has potential

To become

His vessel, his hide.


Aaravos knows

A dark magic spell,

He raises a toast–

A drink–

To the opposition

They may quell.


Aaravos knows

He has a trick up

His sleeve–

Or under tongue rather,

Sending to Vessel

To deceive.


Aaravos knows

Through his bug he may


As he grows stronger


It changes its



Aaravos knows

The battle is lost,

The price was high,

But the war,






Aaravos knows

Hundreds of years pass’d

Spent dormant in a

Mirror, chrysalis,

Avizandum won’t get

The very







Image Credit:


Lost Socks


On the floor,

On the bed,

The chair,

In the laundry hamper–

Socks everywhere.


Each sock

Has an equal,

A twin,

A facsimile,

A partner–

To travel with


On stinky, smelly


To many places,

Exciting and


To many others

They greet.


Folded together,

Wrapped and bound,

To the dresser

They go,


As one.


But when I fold,

Some socks

Are left by the




Useless without

A set of wand’ring


To share.


These socks are


To find their match,

But like people,

They do not



“The Catch.”


But these socks,

These people,

Have their own


Their prospects

Seem bleak–

As they’re rather


But still, they


And find

Outsiders like them.


Socks that don’t

Fold in real


That don’t enter the


And just have a


These socks are willing

To be paired with

Those costing less

Than a shilling–

A mismatched pair,

One colorful and fuzzy,

The other, thin and






Blasting off in 2020

Author’s Note: Decided to kick the New Year off with some morbid humor about a situation that recently happened to me… 🙂


‘Twas the night before New Year’s Eve,

And all through Boo’s room,

Some smoke was a-stirring,

Acc’mpanied by a



We rushed inside

To a smell so strong,

And Isaac said,

“I think my

Battery went wrong.”


We saw the thing, dead,

Smoking right in his hand,

He’d caught fire to

Several things–

Not including bed

Or nightstand.


Oh hallowed night

Preceding new year,

Some things ne’er change,

From there to here.

My brother’s destructive,

To say much is true,

Let’s hope he doesn’t

Blow up

In the Marines, too. 



Happy 2020!!! 🙂



All for Thee

Cleanse me,

Mind, Heart,

and Soul


Wash me,

and make me



For I have


I am Fallen,

But to me

You have


To rise from

the shadows;

Reignite the


Quench my


And put out my




I want to

Want You–


I do;

I’d sooner

Admit that

Than if it

Weren’t true


Cleanse my


With Hyssop;

Let me learn

That Grace,

One Way

or another,


Not be earned;

Soften my


And let me feel

More spiritual

Than emotional–

I’ll know

It’s real;

Scrub my


And let

It be

All or nothing–

And all

For Thee.


Fanning Embers


Slowly dying,



For release;


A heart,

Aching for yearning

For the Light’s


Into a flame;


A soul,

Withered with ire,

Over meager 


This place had to offer.


A spark, 

A beat,

A breath–

The heat;

Lay me down 

And close mine

Body in sleep.


My chest stills,

Blood congeals,

Skin as white as


Death hath rear’d

Its horrendous head

My life without

Your Glow.


But wait! Wind

Pours in

To my lungs, fueling

A furnace in

My bosom;

Awake anew,

My being reprov’d;

Eyes alight–

Ruach ignites

Inside me. 



Poem Parodies: Blank Space by Taylor Swift


Nice to meet you, who did you say that you are?

You were an interesting fling

Tricks, pleasure, madness, scars

Saw you there an’ thought,

Oh my gosh, look at that snake,

You look like my past mistakes,

Life’s not fair, don’cha kno-oh?

Suave an’ money, lust and words,

I can read you like the New York Times,

Gossips, lies, hey, don’tcha think it odd

I know you think that you’re

Better than God, well, we’ll see

If you keep makin’ a fool of me

Pack your bags and grab your hat

I still can make you go like that



Will this go on forever?

This futile tug-of-war

Will it ever be over?

Or become some nasty chore?

Got a list of ex-transgresses, they’ll tell you

I’m insane

I’ll admit I love to troll ya

And you like to blame!


‘Cause I’m young and impulsive,

I could take it way too far,

It might make you repulsive,

And like gettin’ smacked by a car,

I gotta list of ex-transgresses,

They’ll tell you I’m insane,

But I got a place for you in line,

And I’ll write your name.



Golden halo, white wings,

You are not as you seem; 

Thief, Crook, Madman,

If Lies had a kingdom you’d be the king

What do you want? Why don’t you

Jump into that dirty loo, 

Your mouth could using flushing too, 

Wait, the worst is yet to come, oh no,

Screaming, thrashing, perfect Hell

Just wait until those tables turn

Like a jinn you’ll be trapped in your urn,

“Oh my gosh, who is she?”

If only you knew

You not gettin’ the best of me,

But you try to haunt me even when you leave, 

Geez, henchgoon, guess you really are peeved. 


*chorus repeats*


Demons always want sin ‘cuz it’s torture

Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn ya

Demons always want sin ‘cuz it’s torture

Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn ya!



*chorus repeats*




Note: All original music rights and copyrights belong to Taylor Swift and her label producing company, I OWN NOTHING, this is just a “for fun,” thing. 🙂